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By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 1 Jan 2021

I really do not know what to talk about, so i will start with what I did today.

Today, January first, I went with my family to a restaurant. As it is a special day we went to a restaurant that is supposed to be nice and it looks expensive.

I tend to think of the prices too much. I select the food more for the price than for what I want to eat. As I normally do not have a problem with eating anything the price is what makes me decide.

My family did not take this very well, they ate some piece of meat which costs just over 150$ between 3 people. I took some rice with mushrooms for about $25. For me this is the next level of an expensive rice but it is supposed to be a special day and I do not complain too much. Just thinking that I bought something like a frozen kilogram or rice with mushrooms for less than 5$ made me mad.

And that is the point that I want to understand. Everybody was a little mad that I told them that for me this is very overpriced. And it looks more socially accepted to complain about the people that think of the prices more than complain about the prices we are paying well over a reasonable limit.

I do not share the common thought of "today is a special day" and let's overpay for stuff. Maybe they feel better doing so, but I do not.

Something like 10$ for my food would have been very reasonable. There was not a kg of rice, it was something like 250 grams, or a small plate, for 25$.

As i said, I do not get why people are fine paying a lot more than is worth just because it is supposed to be a nice place.

You can tell I do not go to these places very often, as when they told me the price of a water bottle I nearly shouted WHAT?! in the middle of the restaurant. 4,50$ for a bottle of water, that is right. And it is just water, it has no gold or diamonds in it.

At least you will not have to read my complaints about this topic more often because I am not thinking of going back to a place like this in a lot of time. Even if I were rich I would not go. But talking about being rich and actually being it are very different points of view.

Hope you have a very nice year and you do not have to overpay too much for a nice meal.

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