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By fmoreno | RandomThoughts | 5 Jan 2021

Hi, first of all I just want to apologize for the low level of English that I have. I hope you understand what I talk about and I hope that you can relate to what I'm talking about.

So today I played Padel with a friend. We were winning, not for much, but some points ahead. If you don't know how the points go, just imagine a Basketball game, and we end up by something like 10 points, where the difference between scoring 2, or 3 points can make a difference in the match result.

We use an app for reserving the track and inside the app you can say what the final score was. This is important as the same app searches for people that have the same level as you, getting the information from the matches that you win or lose.

The game was going great, we were winning by some points, making it a difference that made us 60 or 70 percent sure that we were going to win. Then in one point we won and then 2 points after that they told us we didn´t made the points we already made. It was like discussing a 2 points difference in a basketball game where we were winning by something like 10 points as I said before. We agreed to give them the 2 points but we were sure there were no points by their par, we just told them they were right because we didn't want to discuss and it was just a game.

Even if it was just a game, you lose the trust you have on the opposite team, you know they are willing to take points from you just for winning. This made us a little very uncomfortable, as when you lose trust in someone is never a good experience, and you feel really bad.

So the match is about to end, it was just 1 point for us to win, and then the other team, losing the last point says that the player made a bad move and had some damage on the leg, so the game ends there, just 1 point away from victory for our part. We didn't suspect anything at first, as we were worried if the other player hurt his leg and couldn't play for a long time.

Then we proceed to put the result in the app, as we were just 1 point from winning we set the game as won from our part, they agreed, as it's almost impossible for them to win it on normal conditions.

Each one goes home and i stay talking to my friend for a while. We received a notification from the app, it said that the game ended draws. This makes our punctuation go down and we get worse deals for future matches. We start thinking that the other team faked the injury just to say that the match didn't end so their punctuation doesn't go down and they get better deals. This now make all the sense, with the points they stole from us and lying saying that they agree that we won.

This made us not able to enjoy the game and think about this after the game a lot, thinking they were cheaters.

This was just my thoughts, as maybe I am wrong this didn't feel good for me, and makes me think that people like this don't have the sports spirit with them, and just was to win and get better things for them.

I know this is not a good story to read, just wanted to write this down somewhere.

Hope you can relate to what im talking about. If you find people like this my recommendation is that you stay as far away as possible from them, as they will make you feel bad experiences.

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