Top Crypto Price Movers of the Day: Doge, de-fi, and more...

By jmack | RandomCryptoNews | 24 Apr 2021

Top 5 Crypto Price Movers of the Day

The hot crypto market cooled off somewhat today, with many of the top cryptos by market cap taking small losses or staying level. However, there were still some exceptions to this sell-off. The top 5 positive cryptocurrency movers are listed below from lowest to highest positive yield. Also, just as a friendly heads up, this is entirely for entertainment purposes only, and in no way should be considered investment advice. Furthermore, the coins screened are in the top 50 in terms of market cap according to bitscreener.


#5 PancakeSwap:

One of the most popular de-fi coins currently, PancakeSwap continues its insane gaining streak. The platform allows users to swap BEP20 tokens, as well as stake and earn others. The coin hit its all time high today of $29.11, up from roughly 60c at the beginning of the year.

#4 Solana: 

Solana also gained double digits in the span of today's trading. It too hit its all time high at $43.44 earlier today. The defi platform has experienced massive gains as a result of boosted traffic and usage of its technology to fund and build crypto apps. 


#3 Dogecoin:

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that seemingly defies logic, rebounded from its low point of the week yesterday. It held the 20c price point, further giving investors the sense that gains will stay, and still sits as one of the highest traded cryptocurrencies day to day.

#2 Terra:

According to Bitscreener's website, Terra is "a network of price-stable cryptocurrencies pegged to the world’s major currencies. Underlying Terra is a protocol programmed to ensure price-stability through an algorithm that expands and contracts the overall money supply. Terra’s vision of a world that transacts freely extends beyond payments in Asia to all parts of decentralized finance globally." Yet another de-fi app experiencing huge gains, although this still sits off its ath of $22.23.

#1 XMR: 

One of the most private cryptocurrencies, Monero experienced one of the largest upward price moves of the day, though, as of yet today, has been unable to break the $400 price point. The price moves it experienced today bring it up to having nearly a 200% gain from the start of the year. 

So, that wraps up today's movers. Feel free to comment below suggestions of individual coins or crypto apps to explore. Thank you for your support of this blog, and have a great rest of your day! May God bless!




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