MH 370 Part 1

By Luueetang | RANDOM THOUGHTS | 30 Mar 2019

MH370 - a mystery even today

It's been 5 years since the MH 370. No one knows what has happened to this plane. There are conspiracy theories that points to the Pilot who deliberately crashed the plane into the Indian Ocean. 

I guess you've read this story from an international view point. I am writing this article as Malaysian who have following this news for a long time. When it was reported on the main media sites like CNN or BBC, I guess, everyone who saw this news just forgot about it after some time.


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Everything I write is from what I know and understand of what could have happened to this flight. 

The story did not just end with the disappearance of MH370 which took the lives of 227 passengers and 12 crew members who were on board this flight.

There were no SOS, no screams for help. 

The questions still remains. 

How on earth does a modern aircraft of such size disappear without any trace? There are lots of speculation of what could have happened. Only all those on board knows. Mourning families still mourn for the lost of their family members who were on that flight.

Malaysian Airlines used to be the pride of Malaysia. It was one of the top airlines in the world prior to the crash with excellent safety record and service. The airlines plunged into dark times once the this crash made international headlines. That was way back in 2014. After the new government took over with the command of its new premier in charge, Dr Mahathir, this year the government has decided that it might shut down the airlines after being in the red for a number of years.

If the airline shuts down, it is indeed a great lost for the nation. Every single country has its own national airlines.

The flight flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, never arriving. Two hours into the flight, contact could not be made. Malaysia on the other hand, had a government that was in denial of their national pride. The government could not accept the fact that this plane had crashed. 

My commentary 

I am sure that there is a huge possibility that the plane crashed into the ocean. Maybe during the time of its crash, every one may have been looking at places other than the crash site. The debris should be lying deep in the sea. It's pretty sad for those families who have been affected, who hasn't have any closures.

Imagine being one of those in that flight. What could have happened?

The pilot had this flight plotted in his flight simulator at home which was one of the thousands of flight plans that were in his computer. The problem is why does this flight resemble that much similarity with the flight path of MH370. Only he would know

What if there was actually some technical difficulty? Or what if the plane flew over an area that was similar to the composition of the Bermuda Triangle.

Will continue with part 2.


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