Bitcoin Is For Hodling, Litecoin Is For Spending!
Bitcoin & Litecoin Used together.

Bitcoin Is For Hodling, Litecoin Is For Spending!

As the digital age settles into acceptance over the majority I feel there is now digital metals to valuation so to say. Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is silver, Ethereum and smart contract networks are your escrows/loan processor.

Don't get me wrong, owning physical gold & silver is to me very important part to have in your investment portfolio. I just feel that should be common sense to any investor by now.

Keep calm and hodl Bitcoin

Why hodl Bitcoin (BTC) and spend Litecoin (LTC)?

Bitcoin being a larger scarcity having higher transaction fees compared to Litecoin is one reason to the point of this postings title. It is also the point this posting is focused on.

There Will Only Be 21 Million Bitcoins & 84 Million Litecoins ever minted into existence.

As more individuals get into crypto investing Bitcoin is going to be a popular choice to invest into over a long term projection. It's already proven that it has been and with updates happening and to be completed this year it, Bitcoin plans to repeat it's history so far.

Having only 21 million available as a supply with demand going to rise as more enters the market, should be a good indicator that you should be hodling your Bitcoin. Not to mention, the history of Bitcoin has proven to have large gains each year so far compared to any other asset.

Now, think about those Bitcoins lost or thrown out. These incidents has proven to happen as well with Bitcoins history so far. These assets once lost are lost for ever. Which, once lost causes the scarcity to rise as there now even a lower supply to meet the growing demand.

That is why I think Bitcoin is to be accumulated and hodled onto right now but, why do I think Litecoin is made for spending?

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To start, Litecoin has 4 times the amount of crypto coins minted and mined. Thats 84 million Litecoins to be exact. So, the scarcity level is 4 times lower. Unless there is more LTC lost over the years to bring supply lower than Bitcoin that is.

Next, the transaction fees are much lower than Bitcoin making it more cost effective to each individual rather than spending their Bitcoin. Then you have the speed of transactions.

Litecoin transactions are much faster than Bitcoin currently. Thus making payments processed quicker and more effectively for both the company and consumer. As can see just with those few view points the point I am expressing in the title "Bitcoin Is For Hodling, Litecoin Is For Spending."

Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts and views about this below in the comment section. It is always nice to have friendly discussions that see things from different perspectives. You never know what you yourself missed and notice from somebody else's perspective.

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