Sam Bankman Fried Finally in Jail

You've probably heard the letters F, T and X hundreds of times recently so I wont explain it all again. This is just a quick article to update you on a recent development.

Its been over 8 months since we first heard about FTX and now it looks as if it is coming to a close. Sam Bankman Fried has had his bail revoked after the judge ruled that Sam had tried to influence the witnesses set to testify against him. As a result he has been put behind bars until his trial.

The stage is set for the epic court case finale coming in October where all will be revealed and we will find out if Sam really is the bad guy of this story. 

If you want to go back and read the context behind this story you can find my past articles about FTX mixed in with some others here.

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random thoughts i had one day
random thoughts i had one day

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