My Vision of a Perfect World

By jmalik6209 | Random Things | 7 Dec 2021


A perfect world is something nearly impossible to achieve and a far way out from where humans are today. My idea for a perfect world would be called Earth 2.0, taking place very far into the future. First things first, there would be some rules I want to establish. First of all, people cannot harm or kill others. This is quite obvious and is a basic rule for almost any society to actually survive. Without it, your everyday neighbor could turn into a mass murderer in a matter of seconds, and my idea of a perfect world doesn’t align with the events of “The Purge.” The consequence of doing this would be imprisonment or other forms of confinement, but I would also want to provide someone to rehabilitate and help that person who committed the crime to reduce the likelihood that they do it again. Another obvious one is do not steal, vandalize, or cause any misfortune to others. For the same reasons as above, it just doesn’t make sense to have a perfect world without setting common restrictions so the whole world doesn’t dive into chaos. Also, discrimination, violence, and hate will not be tolerated no matter what. I’ve experienced some of it, and it’s absolutely horrible. Everyone should deserve to be equal, and no hate will ever be allowed. Depending on the severity of it, imprisonment might be taken into consideration for the offender. Everyone is equal, and not even the government officials may be treated better than others, Government officials will be removed from their position if they’re found abusing their power to make this society as fair as possible. Last, but certainly not least, everyone has rights and freedom within these rules, and everyone may live their life to the fullest. Any limitation of that inflicted by others will not be tolerated and could result in severe punishment. One of the biggest flaws of our society today is that there are many people not even getting access to basic necessities, and live in confinement. This is something that needs to change if humanity is to survive together as a whole. Equality, community, and kindness are major parts of what my perfect, utopian society would look like.

The Lifestyle

What about the lifestyle of the people living in my society? Well, it takes basic elements of what our world is like today and enhances them. The kids go to school where the curriculum is personalized to their liking and each child can have choices in choosing what they want to learn after basic knowledge of math, history, science, reading, and writing are taught to truly uncover what they like and don’t. For example, if after the child knows general basic knowledge on a subject that is sufficient, they have the choice to not want to be taught about it further and focus on other passions and studies. The education is collaborative and useful. After all, an engineer doesn’t need to be good at singing for him to succeed in his career. Learning will be fun, interactive, and utilize high technology to teach children everything they want to know. Adults will work every day from Monday to Friday, but by law cannot be forced by companies to work on weekends. It’s up to them whether they want to work those days or not. Family and community time is very important, and shouldn't be derived just because of work. However, the only exceptions are first responders and others who will need to work on weekends at times, though they need to accept that commitment when choosing their profession. Unemployed or homeless people may seek help from the government to receive a small amount of money paid out weekly while they search for work, as well as an assistant that can help them search for a job or start a business. In a perfect society, the goal isn’t to leave others behind while some push forward, but instead move everyone forward as a whole. Vacations, travel, shops, and other aspects of current life still exist and are only enhanced by the use of technology and simplicity. It’ll just be more efficient overall in public places, and much cleaner than in our current world as well. All things considered, the lifestyle of my utopia heavily revolves around education, collaboration, community, kindness, and technology.

The Physical Society

Now that the technical aspects are out of the way, what would this perfect world actually look like? Considering it’s a utopian society, I would want it to look as futuristic and perfect as possible. Earth and where things are located are fine left alone, so the continents, countries, and regions would stay the same. However, the more specific aspects of each region would change. Starting with transportation, everything would be autonomous. Cars are self driven, trains drive along electromagnetic tracks, and planes can fly at high speeds. All forms of transportation are sustainable, just like everything else in this society. Buildings are magnificent and reflect the culture of the region, almost indestructible in every form. That doesn’t mean everything is man-made, though. There are still plenty of natural parks, forests, and wildlife that coexist peacefully with the rest of the world. The concept for this society is to make everything as eco-friendly as possible, but still have a good amount of buildings to accommodate everyone in a growing population. Climate change and global warming, as well as other major world problems are no longer issues due to systems that have been put in place against it. For example, scientists have found ways to make robots clean up trash, dissolve all waste, and make every single energy source on Earth renewable in the most inexpensive yet efficient way possible. To finish it all off, a lot of the world is digital. The metaverse is fully developed, AR and VR advanced, and AI truly at its full potential. Overall, everything in this society looks and feels futuristic. 

The Economy

Currency exchange is another major factor to consider in a future society. There will be a few forms of worldwide currency accepted in places. The first and largest currency will be cryptocurrency. There’s a global exchange and exchange rate used by everyone to determine the value of each cryptocurrency that may be used in different countries/regions, but in the end it all depends on what the person receiving the currency accepts. Currencies can be instantly transferred between each other with no additional fees to make payments easy. Every transaction is instant. Cryptocurrency wallets are incredibly secure and almost impossible to hack. Overall, it’s a great system that fits in with its time. However, this is not the only form of exchange. Another form is the simple barter system, where two people exchange different items for things. It’s simple and effective, especially for smaller, simple transactions. If you have something you don't need, it still has its value, and that’s what makes the economy so efficient. The hybrid between decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions and a barter economy make it so simple to get what you want and profit off of what you don’t need. Speaking of decentralization, there is no real owner or controller of the currency itself, except for the people who created it. Even so, they don’t have much more control over the currency than everyday people to ensure the economy is what the people want it to be. Financially, this benefits everyone because the decisions made for the betterment of the currency are by the people who actually use it. These are also the people who will be able to make the best decisions for themselves and the community. The same thing applies to trading items, where it’s up to the people to value items and create a market for them to trade. The economy is a very big part of any functioning society, which is why I want mine to be the most efficient and helpful as possible. 


After that, governments, of course, must be set up. A major part of my society’s government is the concept of global citizenship. Global citizenship, according to the UN, “is the umbrella term for social, political, environmental, and economic actions of globally minded individuals and communities on a worldwide scale. The term can refer to the belief that individuals are members of multiple, diverse, local and non-local networks rather than single actors affecting isolated societies. Promoting global citizenship in sustainable development will allow individuals to embrace their social responsibility to act for the benefit of all societies, not just their own.” This shows the importance of global citizenship in a society that really influenced my idea of a utopia. While there still will be regions and local governments  for those regions, the largest body of government will be the global one, which is then divided into different departments as needed. This is to help keep everything very organized and harmonious. There is nobody in government with more power than another person, and the highest level authority are council members. There are 49 council members, 7 from each continent, that discuss and vote on multiple matters. They’re elected for terms of 10 years, with the option to get re-elected no more than twice after the original term. Everyone in their continent will vote for the 7 from their continent, to make everything fair. Also, all decisions in the government are done through voting or consensus so everyone’s opinion is heard. Even when hiring someone new, there’s a specific department for that. Similar to the United States government today, it’s a capitalist democracy and everyone is free. Government officials are not to be treated specially, as they still are humans. Perhaps a little bit of respect is fine, but anything over the top where it’s almost like they’re treated as royalty is something that shouldn’t happen. Overall, almost everything in this government revolves around fairness and equality. 


Finally, there’s the discussion of Job Forces. Similar to today’s world, there will be many of the jobs one would find in current times, and a few more. For example, due to the introduction of new technologies there’s jobs specifically for that, more government positions, and a lot of occupations with much involvement in computer science or technology. There are still regional economies that exist where people fish, hunt or farm and workers to do those jobs, but no one is treated poorly and it’s all integrated as a part of everything else in the ecosystem and world. This is a capitalist society where anyone can start their own business or choose to work wherever they want to. People have economic freedom to do almost anything they please that falls within society's basic rules. There isn’t much of a job that’s particularly desirable, and overall a lot of diversity in the type of jobs someone can choose from. Your level of education can help determine in some cases how wealthy you are, but it’s majorly up to how you build out your career and what opportunities you take.

To conclude, my vision of a perfect society, Earth 2.0, is a collaborative, technologically advanced, strong society that is based heavily on everything coexisting peacefully and things getting done efficiently. While humans are far from perfect, if we keep working towards our goals, we can definitely achieve something like this in the near future!

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