Sillycybin walk #6

By Pauldini | Random Poems | 8 Mar 2021

What shall be unbecometh

Of this path we bewalk uponeth?


Beflowering begonias bedazzleth bright

Unbelowest our feet, unbemoved by the night.

Or bebroken untokens of a debauched appetite

Belicketh our heels, unbehitching our flight.


Oh trixy unroad bebeneath us

What wisdom this night to unteach us?

Lessons underiveth from histories repeating

...Or new ones ununveileth by the futures revealings?


Bestraddle us oh besprouting highway

Besing that tomorrow song of our unbeyesterdays...


Besmatter our unbefilled brains

-With a half snatched truth

-Then another

-Its unbebrother-

-Then beway unagain in a poof!

Your homework can bechallenge two minds so half



So lets tenderest our behowls

To the bescant midnightly moon

And be bebiddeneth 'Good Night' road

...Lets all rebemeeteth soon...


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Random Poems
Random Poems

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