Aint No Inevitability Rag

By Pauldini | Random Poems | 21 Feb 2021

Ain't no inevitability rag:


Fickle Mistress, Lady Fate has made her move

As she plays her tune us lowly souls must move

What timeless portents must be shown to prove

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


Led into this giddy game by honest feelings

Fooled into a mutual self-revealing

Even truth now dabbles with dark deceiving

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


In your heart you know we simply are not right

Fight you must, resist with all your might

Why does stepping into shadow bring such light?

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


Bound by chains that tie our steps together

The only tool to pick the lock, a feather

Your teary, weary voice asks me, 'Whether

...This ain't no inevitability rag.'


Led amongst the Lambs towards the slaughter

The shepherd ropes our necks and pulls it tauter

You try to cleanse your fears with air, I with water

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


Nearly tricked into both signing on the line

We cant afford such foolishness this time

But ink has dressed the page before I write this rhyme

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


A secret door that leads to another place

Buried in a fold in time and space

Even there we find each others f*ck*ng face

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


Following an ancient map to buried treasure

The search creates an expectancy of pleasure

No other soul is ever made to measure

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


Finally free, unfettered, on the run

The unpicking of this web is nearly done

Until that self-same spider spins another tawdry one

...This ain't no inevitability rag.


Screaming, we say, 'No!' in one firm voice

Natural Law precludes our Sovereign choice

To destiny, now vanquished, we rejoice

...This ain't no inevitability rag.

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