A tentative dance

By Pauldini | Random Poems | 4 Mar 2021


Your magnetic silver incandescent haze

Draws me through your ever-shifting maze

A moon torn between her waxing/waning phase.


I see you.


So openly hopeful but brokenly bleak

Only sometimes fully rabid, hardly ever partly meek

The more you say you hide, the more I watch you seek.


I learn you.


Tempered from the wearing of your past disguises

Fearful of the weight of future compromises

Your present precarious dance symbolizes


I know you.


Your emotions like a jigsaw puzzles scatter

An enigma tests the weight of my Grey Matter

Every wall you build you turn your sledge to shatter.


I feel you.


Afraid that if you trust you'll lose all hard-won feeling

Numbness of the self – emotion stealing

Does it occur to you that I can help your healing?


I trust you.


Every time your sure its better to pull away

Your heart opens like a shops window display

And suddenly I taste your certainty to stay


I accept you.


I know I'm barely half the man I used to be

When mirror-bound, I'm not sure who I see

She must know that she can do better than me?


Do you want me?


My confidence was puddled on the floor

Down and down, I fell for evermore

Then I grabbed the baton, conducting a new score


Do you hear me?


Resolved to make the most of my conjunction

I learnt again a different way to function

Walking tall and cloaked, back to the junction.


Do you sense me?


The last verse is the one that we are writing

The prose that grows when we cease internal fighting

Electricity cracks within as streaks of new born lightening


Can we deny it?


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Random Poems

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