Fragile Leaves

By sleepyjey | Lens2Eye | 15 Aug 2021


This is a close up photo of the leaves of one of my table rose plants on our balcony. This particular species has a unique blend of green and red colors in it's leaves. The leaves itself are slightly fleshy. 

What I found fascinating was the formation of the new leaves as this plant grows. Some leaves arise sheltered in the grooves where the older stronger leaves have established themselves. The newer leaves are distinctly greener and look more fragile. When nurtured, they grow out from their shelter and then slowly become thicker and show shades of reds. They finally become one of the mature leafs and support the plant by photosynthesis and also bear flowers. 

That's life isn't it. Sometimes the young and the vulnerable need a little protection and nurturing when they are fragile and with time they will grow on to function fully and bear their own flowers. Here is a photo of a table rose that came out of these fragile branches and leaves when it's time was due. Be encouraged. 



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