A Mother's Prayer And A Little Milk For Protection During The Pandemic

By sleepyjey | Lens2Eye | 24 Aug 2021

Turmeric and pepper milk


This photograph may seem very abstract, but what is pictured here is one thing that has been sustaining me through the pandemic.

What you see is the concoction I drink almost every night before I go to sleep. It is a picture of flavoured, warm milk that is in a blue plastic tumbler. I could just call it turmeric and pepper milk and encourage you to drink a little for its apparent immune and health advantages, but I won't do that. I'll tell you why I believe it works.

This drink is prepared by my mother every night for my wife and I, before she prays and goes to sleep. My mom is over 70 years old and has Parkinsonism, high blood pressure and a few fractures in her backbone (from weak bones and a fall a few years ago). Her hands shake a bit and she walks slowly with a stoop. Her fingers show her age. She is a woman of prayer - taking every moment to pray for her children, her grandchildren and all her relatives and friends. I am sure she is praying for our protection as she slowly makes this drink for us. She then takes her own medications, prays and goes to sleep.

And that's the secret behind this drink. Yes, turmeric milk with pepper may have some properties to strengthen and protect you from covid and other illnesess, but the persisting prayer of a mother is more powerful than you can imagine. The love with which she pours out the milk, sprinkles the ground pepper, mixes the turmeric powder and shakily stirs the mix probably gives the most protection for us.

God bless her!

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