Using the entire fretboard.

Here's a couple tricks I have for spanning the entire fretboard.  

This is long winded and if you don't play guitar will be extremely confusing.

So music is by nature a series of patterns which can be memorized and rearranged, which is how new songs are brought into existence. Most music these days can be played with the major and minor scales.  A lot of people get locked into the box of the key the song is in unable to span up and down the neck.  What you gotta do is think about what notes are shared between scales.  If a song starts in c major on the 8th fret and the second note in the a minor is the 8th fret then you can logically move freely between the two scales.  Same works for a minor starting on 5 and g major which goes 3rd fret fifth fret.  It works the same way going from c major to d minor.  And if it's b major instead of c you play a# minor and f minor to the top of the top.  And c# minor f major down.     B minor you play a major f#minor. See how the  minor and major scales share those notes and how you can navigate up and down the fretboard by alternating between the two.  With obvious exceptions being if the song employs a d minor for instance instead of d major.  You just follow chord structure then.  But for more stuff theses days you can just use that trick.

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