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Bottom up Organizational strategies.

Communism.... Community?

Wait hold on a second is this what it appears to be.  

Do not be fooled by what muddles the water between the collapse of the community and the very system that many of you will most likely believe to be the best course of action for the fate of the human race.  I am of course talking about the boot on all our throats, Capitalism.  An insidious top down systems of layers and heirarchies dividing us all.  Leaving us squabbling over scraps while the wealth and products of our labors and the value all our earth has too give funnel straight to the top in the most massive ponzi scheme that everyone turns a blind eye too.  You know why really  from a political standpoint decentralization is extreme and inherently anti-capitalist and anti state.  Just like most of the Cryptocurrencies you know and love decentralization is the main stance of  Political belief sets of many of what has been considered to this point extreme far left anti authoritarian movements.  Anarcho-communism And anarcho-syndiclism are prime examples of when functioning optimally and in the commonly mistaken belief our highly organized structure that is undeniably unique in such a Way as to adapt and anticipate emerging patterns in chaotic systems of aperiodicity. Bottom up organization is continuing to prove itself over and over in  study of chaos and the patterns that make up everything, vastly superior to the top down systems in which today we all  currently live our lives.   The point is challenge everything you've been taught.  Question the fountains of society and the socio-economic   allows the injustices that happen day in and day out.  Understand the opportunity Defi is. Topple the pyramid and decentralize the state and the wealth.  Take the money out of their markets and use it to fund and create the decentralized systems of a better a better tomorrow.  


 Was not meant to be so intense.  Written of the top of the head and  got carried away.  Invest in defi and invest bearing tokens.  And always remember what is actually keeping the boot on your throats.

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