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 I'd like to form a project based on an idea of mine  a bottom up organization.  I have a lot of ideas for a more interactive and intuitive trading platform that I also have several token ideas that are of great potential.  Two of the ideas I have are that the candles should be able to be viewed as a self repeating circle that forms a tunnel as time increases but you can view all the candles.  And I think we can tap into the idea of the knowing if the group as a whole.  We all have different views on things like where do you view average price at any given time or what's the trading range and trend.  The way you take advantage of this is by  creating a way to make chart groups and allow people on the group to add indicators  denoting multiple statistical perspectives giving you a unique view of the overal psychological state of the retail market participants.  That's just tip of the iceberg .  I have extremely unique and insanely useful tokens for is too.  I  have lots of ideas and if you have ideas or the skills make them work message me at redmanbojangle#6022  on discord.  If there's enough response I'll make a group.  Thank you. 


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The milk industry doesn't have a patent on single rhetorical questions..... Do they?

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