Moonlit Intro

Intro to a concept album idea.  I'll post the rest and the recordings when I finish.

Ambient twilight settles across the veil 

Opening a rift into worlds unknown 

Worlds that move in different ways

Around different planets and different suns

Ending and beginning in a timeless loop

And timeless soup filled with countless coos

A constant ruse where is the muse 

With all this to lose is really a surprise

That we live in a world where it's all been a lie

A die cast critical fail it rolled off the table too our reality fucked we're shit out of luck let's check out what could have been.


Eyes across time there's much too take in 

Like an inn built within the shell of a snail 

Built with no nails and receives no mail

Its universe a within a blade a grass

There are countless marvels and wonders

Worlds within worlds within worlds within worlds within the blood in our veins 

And the world in our brains

The songs and story's of the worlds from beyond too see things from different eyes 

Without disguise

Prepare for demise

And wonderos growth

Get ready the troupes almost ready.

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🍏🍎 Hungry 4 ApplZ 🍎 🍏

The milk industry doesn't have a patent on single rhetorical questions..... Do they?

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