Why do Mama Cat eat their Baby Kitten?

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And as my title say, Have you guys seen a Momma Cat eat their kitten? I've seen one, just today, I really can't believe what my two beautiful and tantalizing eyes just saw this morning. We have a pregnant cat, I don't know when did she gave birth to her kittens but, I think it was just last night. We have 2 pregnant cat actually but the other one already gave birth just last week. And the other one is last night.

So, I was looking for our Male cat this morning, this male cat I am talking is the one who has almost cut his tail because of some people who can't do anything about their life and that will do unimaginable thing just to have fun, I can't imaging the pain he's feeling right now, it's been 3 days already since I last saw him and he's still not going home. I don't know where is he right not, that's why I'm looking for him.

And while looking for him, I accidentally saw this Momma Cat munching something, it's not their eating time yet because it's still early and we haven't cook their food yet, that's why I got curious, I also thought, maybe she caught a big rat and she's having a blast eating it, she's eating it alone so I thought she's having a party, but I thought wrong.

So, As I was slowly walking toward her, I was all smile because, I feel happy for her because it's her victory she caught it. At tumigil ang mundo ng..... My big eyes got more bigger because of what I saw. I was dumbfounded, and my blood boil because or rage, I saw blood everywhere and I feel like my energy has been drained. I can't believe what I saw. What she's munching is her own baby and looks like she's enjoying it, and I was like, "WTF!! Man!" I saw her poor child, already cut into two, and I think she's eating it for a while now that time, I don't know what to do to her baby so I just let her munch her baby. I want to punch her in that moment and I can't still believed it. I feel so mad to her, even right now, how could she.

This is the first time that it happened, she's very protective to her child even before that when our dog will just walk right beside her, she will punch them in instant.

I am mad to her, she has another baby, my Mom saw her and that baby was in her mouth, maybe she want to move her somewhere or just want to eat it again, I don't know so mom get it right away, the baby is so little that I don't think he we still live, that poor baby.

"I feel like my Daughter just aborted my grandchild 🤦."

After that, I get my phone to search to Google if there is a case somewhere or wherever like that, and it really has, and that's what were going to discuss today, I'm still mad to her but, I think she really has a reason why she did it.

I bet not everyone here knows about this.


Do Mother Cats eat their Kittens?

Base on my research on Google, Yes, some of them eats their baby for some reason, but not from what reason your thinking right now, there is a number of reason why they are doing it and they are not doing it just because they are a first time mother or they are incapable of being a mother. It is horrible as may sound but, they are just thinking of their child that's why they are doing it.


Reasons Why Mother Cats eat their Babies

  1. Stillborn or a baby that is born dead. It is mind boggling to think that a Mother Cat can eat their baby but, they need to, they need the nutrients that they will get in their dead kitten. Aside from the nutrients that they can get, the decay corpse of their baby might result a hygienic problem that may get in of the other babies, another thing is it might attract predators to come to them if they smell or saw the dead kitten.

  2. Birth defect or congenital disorder, Illness and Disease, cat has a powerful sense of smell it is also said that their sense of smell are 14 times stronger than human. So, a mother cat can detect or sense if their baby has a disease, illness or deformation that we human can't detect. If a Mother Cat sense or detect that her baby has a low chance of surviving or if they have an illness, they will eat them without hesitation and mercy. The mother will also consume or eat those who is weak to save the other baby and themselves from the harm of getting the disease of the dying baby.

  3. Threatened or fear for her newborn baby and the stressful surroundings. Mother Cats will eat their baby of they also feel threatened, but this is rare and will only happened in Feral Cats. They feel super nervous after they give birth that a noisy place will effect her thinking and become stressful. Anything that a mother cat feel threatened may result of her eating his kitten.

  4. Stressful Labor and Deliverygiving birth is very hard and need and requires a lot of energy, and eating their kitten may give them more nutriment and make them energized. This can also happen with breastfeeding, they may feel stressed because of it. Breastfeeding is also exhausting and requires a lot of energy. But this one is very rare and can rarely happen.

  5. When a mother does not recognize their KittensA cats only rely on their sense of smell thats why they may not recognize their baby. When kitten is first born, they will lick them to mark their scent to them. So, when some animal or humans touch them, their marked scent will be masked that will lead to not recognizing them and may confuse them as their prey instead of their baby.


Do Cats Eat Their Kittens If You Touch Them?

Base on my experience to this, when we try touching her baby before, she eating her Kittens never occurs, she never eat her baby, she will just move them into another place that is more secured and far from others. She doesn't want anyone to touch her baby. But, there's a but, there is also a chance that she may unexpectedly kill her baby, example when she accidentally release her baby from her mouth, and she's on the top, like 8ft tall place, just like what happen to our cat baby before.

She's holding her baby in her mouth to move from different place when she accidentally unhand her, the baby didn't die that moment but she die because of blood cloth in her tummy.


How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating Her Kittens

Never touch their kittens, avoid contact and don't let other animals walk toward their baby. Provide a very calm place, no noise and a relaxing environment while pregnant and after giving birth, don't let them feel threatened and feel stressed and make sure that you are monitoring the Kittens and their Momma Cat and if you notice unusual behavior like snobbing them, ignoring and not taking properly and if they are often rough to them then it's better if you remove the baby to her side because she might eat it. Take care of the baby like a mother would do and or ask a vet what to properly do so you can take care of the baby.


While It's horrific to us to think That a Mother Cats can eat her baby But it's a normal behavior to them, They have a lot of reason to do so we can't always stop them from doing it because, they have instinct that we don't have including how many many kitten she can nurse, so don't get mad to them, just like what I almost did to our Momma Cat, let's understand them it's their mother instinct that we're talking, so it's a mother thing.

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