Unusual Christmas and New Years Traditions in Philippines

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October 18, 2020


Christmas and New Year is about to come we just have 67 days before Christmas and 74 days before New Years. I'm sure all of us here is very excited, and can't wait for that time to happen, especially to the kids. Even in this time that we have this Pandemic, I'm sure we Pilipinos will never skip that important days just because of this Pandemic.

Decorating our home is what we first always do when September comes, yes, September. We Pilipinos start our Christmas on September, we call it "Ber Months." What is Ber Months? I'm sure not all of here knows about that. Ber Months is the last 4 months of the year, the last 3 letter of this month that has BER in their word and that is SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER.

Pilipino has the Longest celebration of Christmas Season, starting from September to January. We start it by putting different decorations in our home, like Christmas Tree, Christmas Light, Parol and many more. You will hear a "Jose Marie Chan" Christmas songs everywhere. Decorations will not just be seen in homes, you can also see it in every Malls, in Plaza and any other Tourist spot here in Philippines, Santa and his Reindeer with Mr. Snowman will be seen too so green and red. What we also love in Christmas Season is the Cold weather, just like someone's relationship, so cold, wala na ang dating tamis ng pagmamahalan. Carolling is one of the traditions here in Philippines, every children will wear their Christmas outfit and will start carolling in every home. Another one and the most important traditions is the "Simbang Gabi" or Night Mass, we do it every year 9 days before Christmas, and we also have a beliefs that once you complete this 9 days Masses you will be granted a wish. Most people celebrate their Christmas on night, but we Pilipinos celebrate it on midnight, as in 12 am of December 25, and we call it "Noche Buena," we will eat at that time to celebrate it.

On New Years, we also have a traditions and beliefs on New Years, we have a very interesting traditions that is pass on from generation to generation until today. Pilipino do this to Welcome the year with expectant heart and full of hope for the prosperity of the whole new year.

Unusual Traditions of Pilipino

1.) Glass of Water, Rice and Coins

  • We have a tradition that you have to put a glass full of Water, Rice and Coins, in your table before the clock hit at 12 am. We believe that putting that will make our whole year prosperous and full of success.

2.) Put a Coins in your Pocket

  • We also have a tradition to put a Coins in our pocket and shake it and make a noise at 12 midnight. We believe that doing it will give us more fortune during that year. Some also put a Coins in every corner of of a cabinet, in a table and anywhere that we believe will bring us more luck. We never forget to do this, Mom is the who's always doing this and also Me, I make it sure that I have at least 20 pesos coins in my pocket, I also get it in my Moms pocket so daijoubo.

3.) Jump high at 12 o'clock

  • This one is for the kids, they are encouraging kids to jump as high as they can because they have a beliefs that jumping high will make them more taller. I also believe to this one, I do it every year when I was just a child, I'm sure some of a Pilipino here already did this too. Oldies is the one who's telling this to us and because we are encouraged, we do it every year. And here I am, I am taller than my Drawer, my height is flat 5.

4.) Round Shape Fruits

  • This is my most favorite traditions of new year, because it's a feast of fruits. We believe that putting a rounded shape fruits in our table will bring us prosperity and fortune, it is actually adopted in chinese. The rounded shape fruits will be put in the center of the table together with other dishes, examples of those are Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Watermelon, Pears and many more, as long as it's rounded. But a thorny fruits like Durian, Pineapple and Jackfruit are not allowed because it symbolizes an Obstacle that you may experience in the entire year.

5.) No Chicken for New Year

  • Some believe that putting this will make your luck fly away to you, and some other say that eating this during new year will bring you bad luck for the entire year, or shortage of food, so if there is a Good Luck food, there is also a Bad Luck.

6.) Eating Sticky Rice

  • Filipinos believed that eating a sticky rice will make the ties of your family stronger. Bibingka, biko and tikoy this is the example of sticky rice we call this "Kakanin" in Philippines. This is also believed that delivers a fortune.

7.) Media Noche

  • If in Christmas we have a "Noche Buena," in New Years we have what we called "Media Noche." This is the important time of Pilipinos, we celebrate New Year in midnight with families, relatives, special someone and friends, eating together and celebrating with them is one of the the Pilipinos traditions. It is believed that it doing it is hoping for prosperity and bountiful year ahead.


We have different traditions and beliefs in this important days, We're celebrating it all, we believe in one Creator, real or not what's important is we celebrate it when the thought of God and with the joy and happiness together with the important people in our lives.




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