Take Back Your Self Control

By RuffaRuf | Random Information | 1 Dec 2020

Do you feel like you are losing you yourself, for example right now? I mean, you are not in control in yourself anymore. You are just going with the flow and just letting anybody decide for yourself, something like that.

Do you want to know if you are still in charge of yourself? Or if you are still in control. Check this situation and if you find one, and you are experiencing it now then, let's just check okay.

  1. When someone speak ill to you and then you just walk away like nothing happened. But deep inside in your heart, you are hurting, and you never let that person know what you are feeling.

  2. You don't raise your voice. But not literally okay, I mean you don't open your mouth even if you have a suggestion, opinion like that. You are worried that if you speak what's on your mind, they will laugh at you. Or when someone wants to do this but you don't want this because you want that, you still go with them even if you don't really want to do this.

  3. You always ask for approval before you do something, or consent to do this. You are afraid to take action and make any decision, you're an approval seeker they say.

  4. You are living your life just going along with everyone. You have no rules for your own life, you are ready to go with everyone's plan but you don't have your own.

  5. You have a lot of goals, a dream that you want to achieve, but you are not working on it. You are afraid to take chance because of fear, and because of this you never try new things.

  6. You have a lot of talents and a lots of potential but you are not showing it because you are afraid. You are okay with just silver even if you can have gold.

If any of the list above sounds true about you, then maybe it's time fo you to take back you're old self. It's high time to take control of yourself now. Your Mom didn't carry you in her wombs for nine months just so they can talk harshly to you. You deserve better than that, don't lose yourself to anyone because you're you, and not them.

Everyone can say their opinion so don't be afraid to say it, your's is important as everyone is and you have the right to let it heard. You don't need to ask people's approval or consent to make a decision, you have your own mind off course you cam decide for yourself, don't be afraid seriously. And you know what, when your decisions is right, it's really feel good. You get to decide yourself that's more important.

You need to have rules in your life and an achievable plan to make your life more better and enjoyable. If you have goals and dreams then go for it. Don't be afraid to try, be confident and cheer yourself. Never tell to yourself that you can't achieved your set goals, because that is not true, all goals and dreams can achieved if you work on it, hard and with patience.

If you let fears take over your mind, you will achieved nothing. Never ever be afraid to show your talent to everyone. Let everyone know that you have a talent and you have so much in you. Don't allow people to control your emotions and feel afraid to try new things. The more you get out on your shell and try and achieved new things, the better you will feel about yourself, the contentment yes. You have so much ability to do great things, so it's really the right time to take control over yourself and become the person you really want to be.


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Random Information
Random Information

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