Reasons of Early Pregnancy of Teenagers

By RuffaRuf | Random Information | 3 Nov 2020

I wnt to buy our stock of foods in the supermarket. I saw a pregnant woman, or rather a teenager that is so pregnant like her big womb is so scary, I feel like she's gonna give birth anytime soon. I think she's like 16 to 17 something like that, when I saw her I smile a bit because she's going to be a mommy, so happy for her while me, I don't even have a boyfriend, so unfair. But at the same time, I feel sorry for her too, I know a baby is a blessing but, she's just a teen, I mean she should be enjoying herself you know, school, doing her homework, crushes, the feeling of being free from all of the responsibility and so on. It's just sad that she got pregnant so early, it should be at night.

Now that we are here in this topic, I will list down the reason I know or possibilities why a teenager get pregnant in an early age, it is just an opinion and base only on what I saw or experience too when I was in my teen.

1. Curiosity

Curiosity or a desire to know, you are interested because of what you saw and or what you read and you want to experience it too.

  • When I was in high school, I don't know if you read it in my past article but, I love reading pocketbooks, you know romancy romancy, the feeling of like being electrified, euphoric, exhilarated and elated yeah something like that. Not all of the pocketbooks we read is PG13, sometimes, there is a rated SPG to that books, when I first read a book that has a mature content I will feel disgusted because nyayyy, I'm still a baby, I'm not allowed to read it, and then I will skip it or just will cover my eyes like you are not interested. And when you encounter it for like many time now, you will also start to feel the strong curiosity or the need to read it just to get the idea of what is it. I don't know if this happen to you too, but seriously I really got curious to it, to Sex I mean. Sex is normal to us now and I agree that we really need to know about all of this in our life, so that we won't get curious into it, especially the kids now, parent should be the first one to teach them about it, that sex is not a normal thing to do, that they will just do it once they got Married, not when they are just girlfriend or boyfriend because, they will feel scared now in doing it because doing it might end their life as a teenager.

2. Impulsiveness

This is also one, doing things on impulse, never thought of the consequences of doing such things. They wont think of anything because their mind is covered with their desire to do it, without any plan they engage into it and that results an early pregnancy.

  • There are so many teen today in this generation who is so impulsive, I am not saying that all of them okay, just some I can still see a teen today that is focus on their study so it's a good thing. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not that so bad, as long as you know your limit. Your parents trust you, do anything to you just to make your life be better and so breaking their trust is so heartbreaking to them, be left behind by your boyfriend/girlfriend is not the only thing that can make a person be heartbroken, breaking trust, breaking the dreams that your parent has for you is also a reason. So don't do anything on impulse, don't do anything just because you want it, I remember, I have a boyfriend before, so he's my ex now, I was in college that time, he was asking me if we can have sex, I think about it first and because I was curious too, we planned it. In the night of our Aquintance Party, so we have a plan. Aquintance day, I don't know what to feel that day, I feel different emotions, like I was constipated, I can't stay in one place because I walk and walk and because, my hands is cold and my kili-kili is so sweaty, my hands too. And then, while sitting in the last 5 minutes of our rendezvous, I change my mind. Why? Because I think of my Mom, my Auntie who's the reason while I am still studying that time, I think all of her sermon or exhortation to me. I think of all her hardship, the difficulty she experience just to save money, she suffer enough so doing it might result another suffering to her, she's not that old that time but I don't want to disappoint her anymore so I gather my thought and stop my self from doing that selfish act. She saved money for my study so that I can get some money every month in FilAm Life, I don't know if you know it but that's the name. And I am happy because I able to stop myself from doing it. So to you, to a teenager who's reading this, yes you, think before you act, because you are not the only one who will suffer from the consequences of what your about to do done, think of your family. And if you really can't stop yourself from doing it then, use trust, and make sure that it will never break, because once it break, ready yourself because you're gonna be a mother and father soon.

3. Without Parent Guidance

Another factor is this, without a proper guidance from you Family, like parents or just a relative if you a really don't have one. When your parent is far away from from you, or you are a member of a broken family or those teen that is a result of her mother suffering from those bad people, there are some cases like this.

  • There is a case like all of those. Not all of the children in this world has a parent, some of them is abandoned, some is a member of a broken family and some more. Without a guidance of a parents, like they will do what they think is good for them, because no one will tell them of what is good and what is right,no one will teach them of what's not and what to do. They will feel lonely so they will find some love to their boyfriend or girlfriend. When they are seeking for attention, they will look for it to whose on their side. When they think that no one is on their side because they feel so alone, they will forget everything and just do whatever, they don't know what they are doing, and this will lead of engaging into sexual activity, unsafe and unprotected.

4. Taking Alcohol and Drugs

Teenager who loves to party and go to teens gathering. Off course they are teen so they are curious to everything like the taste of alcohol and drugs.

  • There are so many like that now, they will experiment without them knowing the effect that may cause it into their mind or their thinking. Drinking and taking drugs will make them forget everything and that will lead them to think logically making them engage into sexual activity unprotected and that result an early pregnancy.

5. Sexual Violence

Another factor is sexual violence, simply call it Rape. This is the most heartbreaking, because aside from they get pregnant early, it is against to their will to be in that state. Forcing them to engage in sex by the predator unprotected and very unsafe.

  • Not all of the Teenager we saw that is pregnant is a flirt, sometimes people easily judge them as this and like that, a flirt, call them names even if they really don't know the reason why she is in that state. We don't know that maybe she is a victim of sexual abuse, where they can't do anything because they are being blackmailed by their predator or even their family. I saw many cases of that in the news, their own family is the one who is harassing them, abusing them, and they are afraid to tell it to their parents because she was being blackmailed by using her own family to her, defenseless she will just agree to do it without fighting, and that will lead to early pregnancy, she was used and scared to complain, helpless and powerless.

There are still so many reason why a teenagers got pregnant in early age, this is just what I know, this is just what I see to any people and base on my experience too. For me having a child in an early age is not that so bad, if you think you can provide for your child then go, as long as you can afford that life having a child. But think of the consequences, before you two do it. Yes, having a child is a blessing and it will be a proof that you are a woman, but if you are not ready to be a mother then don't do it, you are not the only one who'll suffer, think of your child and your parents.


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