Hideout.TV is doing a 1000$ Giveaway ! - Here's how to participate
Hideout.TV 1000$ Giveaway

Hideout.TV is doing a 1000$ Giveaway ! - Here's how to participate

By Ivic | Random | Giveaways | 5 May 2020



Making an Hideout.TV account

Making an account is free and really simple, just go to the signup page, and you will have to fill that form :


As you can see, it's easy to sign up, and you can do so using only your email account. 

Entering the giveaway


Subscribe to The Life of Jord (it's free!)

Subscribing to channels is free, and you have to subscribe to Jord to be eligible to enter in the giveaway ! I'd also suggest you to watch some of his videos, not only subscribing for the giveaway. Here's his channel : The Life of Jord. You can subscribe to him right from the Giveaway page, so no worries.


Now, it's time to participate in the giveaway !

To enter the giveaway, just go to the giveaway page : you will have to fill in the infos they want, as shown here : 


After you've done that and submitted the form, you're all set ! Good luck !


500 viewers will receive a prize :

  • 1x200$
  • 1x100$
  • 1x50$
  • 7x30$
  • 490x1$

The prizes are paid in Hideout Points, which you can exchange to other websites for cryptocurrencies, giftcards, cash... 


If you want to use my referral link for Hideout.TV, click herethanks !


Learn more about Hideout.TV




Thumbnail image : made by myself

Other images : Hideout.TV

Infos : The Life of Jord - Giveaways 

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Random | Giveaways
Random | Giveaways

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