Beginner ship earned in pre-launch

Farsite: A DeFi Powered Ethereum (2) Game

I have been uber frustrated getting into the crypto, mining, and crypto-mining-game game. It seems that everyone else has been at it longer than me and built up an arsenal of weapons, tools, and bots. Many just lucked out in getting into the games before they were popular, benefitting from the freebies or lower prices at the beginning of the games. 

But, I just came across farsite, and it HAS NOT started yet. (Interested in checking it out, here is the link: 

It's still in pre-launch and as such they have been letting users complete tasks to compete for airdropped crates of goodies and NFTs for when it launches in 19 days from today. In less than an hour you can get a pretty good Score and more importantly, your beginner ship with some mods.

The premise of the game will be intergalactic exploration, trade, and piracy. You choose how you want to proceed. 

As I explore this, I will post more about the game and the cNFT premise it utilizes.

Interested in checking it out, here is the link: 

Definitions: DeFi = Decentralized Finance

Picture credit:  Farsite beginner spacecraft

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