Splinterlands Steem Monsters

By Moodballs | Random Dose | 2 Sep 2019

Splinterlands is a fun card collecting game on the steem blockchain, you wont get enough of once you start, Don't miss out on great opportunities in the early stage of the game Blockchain is making gaming better
I have just joined Splinterlands Steem Monsters, a day ago and I really have to say this is probably the best trading card game out there if you haven't joined yet what are you waiting for?
Gone are the days where your cards get water damage and get lost.
Win,Trade,Sell and build your deck and become a collector.
Just follow my link ;) https://steemmonsters.com?ref=moodballs
I would just like to thank Castle Crypto for this video to get us up to speed with the basics
like and subscribe to his YouTube channel Thank you

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