Blockchain Cuties Review!

By Moodballs | Random Dose | 3 Sep 2019

I have started playing Crypto Cuties thinking that I would breed and sell as much as I can to make some money turns out there is so much more to the game than that and now I have quite a few Cuties I don't want to get rid of

You start out with a into cutie to get a feel for the game then you need to get your first cuties 

The whole point is to breed rare cuties and send them on adventures where they fight other cuties for gear and some epic loot you can also sell 

I was going to hold on to some of the cuties but I think its time they find a new home so for 5 new people that sign up I would like to give away a free cutie to each all you need to do is follow my link here ---> and come back and comment done I will be able to see the first 5 sign ups and will send you your cuties to your ETH wallet 

I gave my wife a few of them and she loves it so if its not something for you this would be the easiest way to get your wife or kids into crypto!

It is our future anyway rite!

Join now to get your free cutie!

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