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Why you should never play on (part 2)

By adzzzz | Random Crypto Reviews | 31 Jul 2021

Previously i wrote about my own personal experience with You can read that post here. Today i'm going to take a look at Stake's manipulation of their reviews on Trustpilot.

Let's take a look at Stake's current rating. review

That's not bad, right? If you were to travel back in time to a week ago that rating would have read 2.9. It's unfortunate that i had not taken a screenshot of this but there is a way to show that a huge amount of negative reviews have been removed. If we check out the detailed overview we can see how many reviews Stake has flagged. flagged reviews

So these guys have taken the time to flag 174 bad reviews. Now it would be a little ridiculous to claim that all of these reviews were flagged in an attempt to manipulate their rating. I'm sure some of these were removed for legitimate reasons but if we go checkout some of the reviews we can see that others have complained about this exact thing. 


There are some claims that Stake are rewarding people for posting positive reviews. Many 5 star reviews do seem to be eerily similar but i have simply not found evidence to prove this.

So why would Stake manipulate reviews? Trustpilot is massively influential, you search for a review on Google and will 99/100 times see Trustpilot near the top. Stake also needs new money coming into the site. Gamblers go broke always so having a constant influx of new players is a essential to their survival. If Stake don't appear to be a legitimate company then these players won't flood to the site. Why this may not seem like a huge deal, it does show just one of the many ways this disease of a company operates.

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