Why you should never play on Stake.com (part 1)

Why you should never play on Stake.com (part 1)

By adzzzz | Random Crypto Reviews | 30 Jul 2021

Boasting huge partnership deals with the likes of the UFC, it would appear as though Stake.com is a legitimate company on the up. However, if you stick with me not only will i tell you my personal experience but also show you how this vile company will stop at nothing to get your hard earned money.

Now i know what you are thinking, i’m going to rant about how it never pays or games are rigged blah blah blah….I have zero intentions of doing that. I have yet to see any legitimate claims that games are actually rigged. Instead i’m going to delve into this seedy company and the shady antics going on. I’ll start with my own personal experience.

I have had a Stake account for a few years and up until the beginning of July didn’t have any issues. Then it happened, on the 3rd of July i found myself with 53000 tron sat in my stake account after hitting a nice streak. I head over to one of my favorite slots and start some $180 bonus buys. Why not? I’m on a hell of a winning streak. I’m in the middle of a bonus round and take a glance at my account balance and see $61. I’m a little confused but i have seen these kinds of balance errors before, so i hop off the slot and refresh the page in hopes to see my money back. Nope still a measly $61, i’m a little rattled at this point and decide to jump on live support. I get Mara and ask where my balance has gone. While i’m waiting for a reply i jump off the site to clear my cookies and browsing history. I get back to see that my remaining balance has gone, now i am going out of my mind. I see Mara has sent a message and she tells me to check my bet history. There it is, two bets on baccarat totaling my entire balance. How could that have possibly happened, i didn’t place these bets. I inform Mara i didn’t place these bets. The reply just made my blood boil. What i am told is account security is the account holders responsibility and Stake only supply the means to secure your account. Not only am i told this but i am told stake will not do anything about it. Great so apparently my account has been hacked and my funds bet away, which i would like to point out stake received that money not this supposed hacker.

Here is my conversation with Mara https://ibb.co/album/k53Yxw

A few questions pop into my mind immediately. If my account was compromised wouldn’t the funds just be withdrawn? If you had access to that money surely you would just steal it. Also stakes reaction was to just blow it off like it was nothing. Sure they are $3k better off but to do nothing in the slightest, not even to tell me how it happened, just nothing other than “thanks for the cash”. I’m under the assumption that Stake would just hope that i would accept it and move on. Hell no!!!! It’s $3k!!! So i send an email to support saying what happened and how i was disgusted at Mara’s response and i get back “there is nothing we can do or comment on it” .So it does appear as though they hope i just give up. Not going to happen!!

Over the next couple of days i send dozens of messages and emails to support and get the same old we can’t comment or i’m completely ignored. I send an email to Eddie. If you weren’t aware Eddie is the scumbag at the top of the pecking order. Now you would perhaps think that Eddie might want to reassure someone that they would at the very least investigate what had happened. Nope just more vile creatures at Stake ignoring me in hopes i disappear. Just in case you are interested here is this scumbags twitter https://twitter.com/edmiroslav

I head on over to Reddit and Bitcointalk and make threads about my issue. A user on Reddit tells me how to download my betting history and convert it into a readable format. Why didn’t support tell me to do this? The betting history does show that these bets were placed from a different i.p and device. So i was hacked but this leads to other questions. The bitcointalk community point me in the direction of a user named “Stunna” who is a Stake rep. I fire off a message and receive a reply telling me they will look into it.

Meanwhile i mull things over just to see if i can make sense of it all. A couple of things pop into my head. First, if someone gained access to my account there would have been a one time code and new session email. Secondly if that email wasn’t sent then surely it means that Stake didn’t supply me with the means to secure my account. These new session emails are standard and sent to all players when they sign in using a new device.

I get back onto support again and inquire about why these emails weren’t sent. I get Andrija who very kindly agreed to have devs look into if there were any email logs for the 2nd 3rd and 4th. Andrija also confirms that you shouldn’t be able to access my account without email access. Great i might actually be getting somewhere.

Conversation with Andrija https://ibb.co/album/HXWR9k

So this is where we are at. My account was apparently hacked and $3k bet away. Whoever ever did it would need access to my email to be able to do this according to Stakes support. My emails have 2fa and you would need physical possession of my phone in order to gain access to my emails. It would be have been impossible that whoever did it would have possession of my phone because that was the device i was using to play. This is so dam confusing. I’m not a high roller, i don’t make huge deposits, i never leave any money in my account while not playing, i very rarely post in chat. There would be no reason i would be a target. So what are the odds that at the exact time i hit a massive winning streak this would happen.

I jump back on to support the next day for an update and chat to Milos. Milos is a prime example of how Stakes support are just vile, lying, wastes of oxygen.

Milos tells me that there were no emails sent on these dates. I immediately know this is a lie as i changed my password, cleared cookies, so there was a one time code and new session email sent on the 3rd. He then tells me there were no irregularities on my account. I provide him with my i.p and the i.p that placed these bets. Another lie.
I question Milos about why those emails weren’t sent. Milos tells me that my emails are compromised. I tell Milos that firstly you need physical possession of my phone to sign into my email from a new device and secondly that he had already told me that those emails were not sent.

Then booomm! Milos magically changes his mind and decides that devs just told him there was a new session email sent on the 5th. In the maybe 60 seconds between messages he managed to talk to a dev who then checked and found that emails were sent. Well done Milos, good job buddy!! I point out that the incident happened on the 3rd. So more lies!!! It really is laughable at this point.

Don’t worry though It doesn’t end there with Milos. He goes on to tell me that he spoke to devs and that either my vpn or email was compromised. Milos says that new session emails are not sent when using a vpn. Well that was pretty easy to disprove, i grab an old device connect it to a vpn, log on and ding ding ding an email notification from stake. Guess what? MORE LIES!!!!!!

During the back and forth between us, Milos says a couple of thing that prove just how vile he is. At one point Milos says “we’re not the ones who are going to take the hit here” then further in the conversation says “we didn’t profit from this as you are in nice profit” hmmmm ok. I don’t know why but these two thing just seem really strange to say. Is he really that much of an unreasonable human being that he would almost brag about this. Do Stake know exactly what has happened here and just don’t want to let the truth out because they know they are liable?

Conversation with Milos https://ibb.co/album/X72cMQ

Me accessing my account on an old device https://ibb.co/W5kjVjz

Right then, back to bitcointalk to see if i have an update from Stunna. Stunna says he thinks the api on my account was compromised. He asks if i have given out my api key, use any bots and did i have 2fa enabled on my account. I confirm that i haven’t ever revealed any information in relation to my stake account, no i don’t use bots and no i didn’t have 2fa enabled. Just a quick point about 2fa. The fact that without it, it would still be impossible to access my account without email access negates any argument that stake may have in relation to 2fa.

Judging by Stunna’s message i am left to assume that somehow someone accessed my api and used that to bet away my funds. What i would also assume is that if you access the api new session emails are not sent. Isn’t this a massive flaw in stakes security? I thought these scumbags provide the means to secure your account. It’s a little unfortunate that i have to assume these things, I've learnt that Stake are less than transparent in cases like these.

There’s a few more messages between me and Stunna including me losing my cool and throwing a few f-bombs his way. The last exchange between us was him accusing me of being dishonest and not being straight about not having 2fa enabled. As you can see from our messages i clearly stated that i didn’t.

In typical Stake fashion they attempt to somehow find holes in my story in order to avoid any responsibility in this matter.

Me saying i did not have 2fa https://ibb.co/xzdstMk

Stunna saying that i said i did have 2fa. Check the dates on both


Stakes whole argument here seems to be, we have your money, thanks! My argument is that which ever way we look at it Stake didn’t provide the means to secure my account and had they, this wouldn’t have happened.

Can i for sure say i was hacked? No. Stakes support have lied and tried to ignore me so much that i wouldn’t put it past them to do something shady while i was on a hot streak.

So that is my experience. Will i ever see resolution? probably not but i intend to make as much noise as i can and ensure that these lying, deplorable human beings don’t do this to anyone else.

There will be a part 2 to this but rather than just update on my situation i will be looking at the shady practices of Stake, their gaming licence, and other cases like this. I’ll also look at how they are manipulating their reviews on places like trust pilot in order to sucker “new money”.

Originally posted on medium by myself

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