My Days in the Banano Community.

By Ran30426 | Ran30426 | 2 Aug 2020

Hi, guys. I am Ran30426. I know that I took too long to publish a new post and I am sorry for that. I was kinda busy. But anyway today I am going to talk about Banano. Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy. You read it right it's ''feeless''. To know more, you can visit their website:


It has been quite some time since I joined the Bananano community and as they said, it really is a lively community. I joined the community about 7 days ago. I introduced myself and asked them to tell me about their community rules, faqs etc. It took me some time to cope with their rules but I managed. So, why should you join the community? By joining the Banano community you can participate in many giveaways, tips and make some new friends. You can make some memes and get a tip for that. But to participate in giveaways, you have to be a ''Citizen''. Citizen is a role in their discord. To get citizenship, you have to be active in the chat for some days. Rather than discord, you can also follow them at Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and Publish0x.


Banano is considered a meme coin which is currently priced at $.0012 or 12 satoshi.


They also have some cool community projects.



Banano has a very unique feature for their wallet addresses. Every address has its own ''MonKey'' avatar. To me , this feature is really cool.




For a wallet, you can use Kalium which is available for both Android and ios. Again, you can use Bananovault which is a browser-based lightwallet that also supports Ledger Nano S and this is ideal for desktop.


How to get Banano?

You can get Banano by participating in giveaways, airdrops, faucets, games, mining or buying from an exchange. Visit their website for more information:

If you liked my post then give a thumbs up and if you didn't like it then comment below to tell me where I can make improvement. You can also donate some Banano if you want.

Donate : ban_1trheg49xsepc7p5cmc5yo811ktifrobfpfxbzjba5seh5rhsxd3agjxzysf




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