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On the Keyboard (POEM)

By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 26 Apr 2020


There are those who key in codes and create new realities.

There are those who type news and spread the most painful miseries of man.

There are those who write songs and then we love them with their sounds.

Many type and just type, how sad it must be to write and just fill the screen with characters and leave the time that does not return empty.

Fortunately, there are those who type and pour passion and new worlds on their screens, creators of future experiences, dreamers of a more just humanity.

Deserving of good fortune who seek no more recognition than the implementation of their work and ingenuity.

Also, there are those of us who type escaping. We flee for moments to nowhere, until we find paths on which we can type.


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My name is Ramón Oropeza, I am a cook, I like cryptocurrencies and I want to have my own bakery!


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