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By ramonoropeza | ramonoropeza | 17 May 2020

I have received some comments asking for writing tips or that I explained how I started writing. I am grateful for this, because it is evidence that I have successfully communicated my thoughts and experiences through my writing. After 7 days without internet I will write about it. What I will do is talk about my experience as a writer on the web. I am not a professional writer, rather I am an amateur. So everything I will say here is based solely on my experience.

Through the following verbs I will try to show what I could call "my creative process" to write. These verbs are selected given the nature of my articles: my life experience in Venezuela, my life as a cook and baker, recipes and also some social and political criticism, and some articles on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I start.

Lives. That's right, living has been my best writing tool. Before I started writing on Steemit or YOURS, I would have liked to blog on political issues (I always liked politics and social issues) but life took a complete turn at the moment when we really hit bottom in my house and I had than going out to earn a living and bring food to my house. In the end, all those experiences have helped me to have topics to write about. I am a little embarrassed, because, on several occasions I directly asked for money because my financial situation is not easy (I have come to receive insults and accused of being a beggar), however, I did not give up and I was learning to write better and enhance my experiences of life through my writings.

Read. When I was a teenager I had the habit of reading. I read several political and social books. Although I have lost that habit, it has helped me to have a certain style when it comes to writing. Also, to get an idea of ​​how my articles should be written and to express each idea and thought.

Investigate. Many of my articles on Steemit are recipes for which I should have investigated the origin of some dishes, I like to know the origin and why of things and transmitting that to me is important. Also, I had a good article about the war in Syria and it is important to cite reliable sources to give credibility to your arguments.

Feel. In my articles I always feel what I say, either because I have had a bad time or because some recipe causes me some emotion. Many times before writing, I listen to music that brings me closer to the emotions I want to express in my article or music that locks me in my head and just being able to write.

To write. Write, write and write. Many times I write just to drain my feelings, other times I like to think about something and write what I think about it. But, you will never know how you count your ideas and thoughts if you do not write it. Let those fingers flow on the keyboard!

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My name is Ramón Oropeza, I am a cook, I like cryptocurrencies and I want to have my own bakery!


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