The Mid-Autumn Festival Lighting the Sky 🏮

By RobSpitz | Raise | 17 Sep 2019


As summer ends in the Northern Hemisphere, celebrations take place all over Asia to celebrate the 8th full moon of the lunar calendar. 

The Mid-Autumn festival has been celebrated by the Eastern world since the Shang dynasty (1600 BCE) when harvesters would worship the moon. The most notable part of the holiday is the tradition of carrying brightly lit lanterns, placing them on buildings and also raising them to the night sky. 

One of our expert developers, Alvaro, recently spent time in Hong Kong and was absolutely astounded with all the preparations and beautiful scenery the lanterns had to offer. 


One of the pictures of the lanterns that Alvaro took on his recent visit to Hong Kong

What’s this got to do with Raise, a DeFi lending platform?

Well, it's simple, our logo.

One of the many reasons why people light up the lanterns and raise them to the sky during the Mid-Autumn festival is the belief that it will bring enlightenment and good luck to those who set them alight. 

Our logo represents a modern take on these lanterns. 

We believe that with the launch of Raise, the lanterns are a wonderful metaphor for the opportunities lenders can provide borrowers through our platform. 

The distribution of these funds could provide an enlightened future for the underbanked and unbanked in developing countries that they could never have wished for before. This could include funding opportunities for education, businesses and even healthcare.

So how did we get from Chinese lanterns to the “colourful rectangles”?

Well, the best way to show you is through imagery our in-house designer has agreed to make public. It gives you an idea from the initial implementation of the idea to the cool, new, exciting logo that we now have today:


From the original concept of traditional Chinese lanterns


To our modern-day take for the Raise Logo

As you can see from these images, it took creative genius but the story is easy to understand when you know the full background and our thought process. This is exactly why we decided to share this exclusively with you via this very special blog post!

Whether you’ll spend your Mid-Autumn festival lighting the sky, munching on mooncakes or playing traditional Chinese games, there is one way this year you can do something even more special. Sign up to Raise today and enlighten borrowers futures through our new, innovative DeFi lending platform. 

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