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By BITJudas | RainNotes | 15 Feb 2022


Do you ever ask yourself:
-What could you do to improve yourself?

Well, let's step one step backward. The first question might be:

-Why should you even bother improving yourself?

And maybe the answer to that is: So you don't suffer any more stupidly than you have to. And maybe so others don't have to either.
There's this inner command at the bottom of you. It's not some casual self-help doctrine. It's that if you don't organize yourself properly you'll pay for it and in a big way. And so will the people around you. You could say:

-Well, I don't give a f**...

I think that's actually not true. You actually do care about that. Because if you're in pain you will care about it and so you do care about it even if it's just that negative way.

It's very rare that you can find someone who's in excruciating pain who would ever say:

-I think it would be no better if I was out of this...

Pain is one of those things that brings the idea that it would be better if it didn't exist along with it. It's unquestionable and then the question might be:

-How would you go about getting your act together?

And the answer to that might be:

Look around for something that bothers you and see if you can fix it.

You can do this in a room. It's quite fun to do it. Just when you're sitting in a room, maybe your bedroom, you can sit there and just sort of meditating on and think:

-So, if I wanted to spend 10 minutes making this room better, what would I have to do?

And you have to ask yourself that. It's not a command. It's like a sincere question. And things might pop out. In the room, on the chair, there's a huge pile of clothes that are kind of bugging you. And you know that maybe a little order there would be a good thing. And there's some dust on the floor that you haven't attended to for like 2 months. And the room would be slightly better if it was a little less dusty and the cables weren't all tangled up the same way. If you allow yourself just to consider the expanse in which you exist at that moment there'll be all sorts of things that'll pop out in it that you could just fix. Cause if you were coming to see a psychologist one of advice would be to get you to organize your room.

Start where you can start.

If something announces itself to you as in need of repair that you could repair then - just fix it.
You fix 10 things like that - your life will be a lot different. Fix the things you repeat every day. Because people tend to think of those as trivial rights. Waking up - brushing your teeth-having your breakfast... You have the routines that you go through every day. Those probably consume 40 percent of your life. People think they're banal and you don't need to pay attention to them.

That's exactly wrong.

The things you do every day are the most important things you do. Hands down. All you have to do is do the math. You will figure it out right away. Once you've got your mind and your emotions together and once you're acting that out then you can extend what you're willing to consider yourself and start fixing up the things that are part of your broader existence.

Of course, sometimes you don't know how to do that. So, imagine you're walking down the street and there's this bum who's an alcoholic. He has been on the streets for 5 years. He sort of stumbled towards you and incoherently mutters something.
That's a problem.
And it would be good if you could fix it. But you haven't got a clue about how to fix that. But just because while you're experiencing things announce themselves as in need of repair doesn't mean that it's you right then and there that should repair them. You have to have some humility. You don't walk up to a car that isn't working and just start repairing it right away. You have to stay within your domain of competence.

So, clean your room.

Because you can do that even right now... Just sit down and think:

-Okay, I'm going to make this place better in 30 min. What should i do?

You have to ask and things will just pop up...
And it's partly because your mind is a very strange thing. Cause as soon as you give it a name, a genuine aim, a purpose, it'll reconfigure the world in keeping with that aim.
That's actually how you see, to begin with. If you set it a task especially, you have to be genuine about it. This is why you have to bring your thoughts and emotions together. And then you have to get them in your body so you're acting consistently.
You have to be genuine about the aim. But once you aim the world will reconfigure itself around.

The best example of that you have all seen this video where you watch the basketballs being tossed back and forth between members of the white team versus the black team. Where you have to count how many passes does the team in white make. During the clip, there is a bear moonwalking, but people don't seem to notice it while counting passes.
Because what it shows you is that you see what you aim at. And that man if you can get one thing through your head and as a consequence of even being in college that would be a good one.

Be careful what you aim at.

And so if the world is manifesting itself in a very negative way one thing to ask is:

-Are you aiming at the right thing?

I'm not trying to reduce everybody's problems to an improper aim. People get cut off at the knees for all sorts of reasons. They lose people, they have incidents, there's a random element to being. That's for sure. So you don't want to take anything, even that particular phrase too far. You want to bind it with the fact that random things do happen to people but it's still a great thing to ask.

You see what you aim at...

and what you aim at determines the way the world manifests itself to you...

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