Why I should dump my free BCH in Celsius

By rah | rah | 9 Mar 2021

Sometimes a lot can be said in few words and that is my point today. Have a look at this.

I started on Noise:Cash barely three weeks ago and have since been dumping all of my free BCH in Celsius. At the same time as I am dealing with Micro-Amounts the stats look like this.


Look how rapidly the rewards are growing. BTW it is inevitable that the percentage will slow down as the base grows bigger, but already three weeks in I am making about $0.01 / £0.0075 per week in rewards. This has all been generated for FREE thanks to the wonderful people of the Noise community.

Based on four weeks that equates to $0.04 / £0.03 per month already and as a point of contrast my bank would give me £0.10 per month if I had £1000 in my savings account.

A personal request.

As many of you know I am trying to kick start my read:cash account. I have also posted there and would appreciate it if you could drop in and have a quick look. It can be found here.

Incidentally the NFT and Taxation article is forthcoming

Take care and stay safe and well


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