Some Simple Suggestions for Improving Publish0x

Some Simple Suggestions for Improving Publish0x

By rah | rah | 24 Aug 2020

Before I start let me make one thing absolutely clear.

I love this site. I love sharing and on the whole I love the community. I have been so well received on the whole and I hope my ideas and thoughts have helped others to develop both their strategies and portfolios.

At some point last week I read an article that suggested making some improvements concerning the limitations of commenting and while I haven’t particularly had any problems with commenting* it is likely to have been an issue for some.

* One strange anomaly I have come across is that comments cannot be posted unless they have a minimum of characters – or so it seems to me. Anyone else had this problem?

Forgive me for not sharing the link, but I haven’t been able to find it again.

This in fact is one of the problems with Publish0x. Posts receive a lot of initial profiling when they are first written, but then they fade quite quickly. I guess this reflects what happens on most ‘news’ portals, but maybe there could be a little sidebar, a kind of top ten stories this week, or this month; a kind of more refined version of the popular links.

I know a possible criticism of this could be that it means the haves (those who are already getting quite good tips) will end up getting more, and the rare bloggers, or less popular posts, will disappear even more so. This is why I am suggesting adding it to the current interface and not taking anything away from it.

Unless specifically bookmarking, tracking previous articles of interest is really difficult. As for me I know among the shitposts there are a whole load of good articles and I would have a hundred bookmarks, and that is just in the last few weeks!

I kinda got distracted by that one – such is the way my mind works.

I was thinking along the lines of improving the comments interface from the dashboard. Comments are important in creating a sense of community and connection and I am not suggesting it should become a full on social media site, a kind of Facebook for Crypto fans, but we could learn a lot from the way they do business.

It seems to me that at the moment there are 3 ways to check whether anybody has commented on your post and none of them are particularly efficient.

  • Visit your article and scroll down
  • Check your email notifications and click the link there
  • Visit your post page(s) and see what it says about comments, with this one you need to memorise additionally how many comments you had previously which makes it even harder.

Maybe an easier way of doing this (and this is a job for the IT Technicians behind the scenes at Publish0x) is to create a notifications icon, not too dissimilar to what Facebook uses. It would then be a click to a dropdown and then another click and you go to the relevant comment. This makes tracking new comments much easier and increasing community engagement.

For example I shared something a couple of weeks ago and commenter asked me to specify how what I shared works exactly. It just happened to be that I checked the article and saw his request. With less diligence I would have missed it and not responded.

Communication breakdown leads to community breakdown.

A possible compromise is to just modify the Post Earnings section of the dashboard slightly as follows, with the comments being hyperlinked not only to the article but to the relevant part of the article by using an HTML tag:


The drawback of course is that the dashboard only reports back on the last five posts, but maybe this isn’t such an issue because as I already said posts more than a couple of days old tend to disappear into the ether anyway (sorry I couldn’t resist that).

Another thing that I would like to see, as a regular blogger is for the columns to be totalled up in the both the Monthly and Lifetime Earnings Sections. It’s not so important for the post earnings as each post pretty much stands on its own. It would be nice if they retained the DAI lifetime earnings in this section too just to provide the fullest possible picture of how I am doing.

Of course this is a bit of laziness because my Excel can do this for me (which actually is what I have done).

Just some thoughts, musings and ideas.

Finally for today I just want to thank PublishOx for the fantastic job they are doing and I hope that if the team read this they see it constructively.

I would also be interested to see what other people’s views are.

Have a happy Monday!!!

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I love reading and technology as well as history. I teach English and Business to professional clients as well as soft skills with a focus on communications. I am a big fan of both Sheffield Wednesday and Lincoln City Football clubs


Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

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