Crypto to Save A Life?

By rah | rah | 6 Oct 2021

I had some shocking and worrying news yesterday. One of my friends posted on Facebook that her husband has bowel cancer. Cancer is always serious and in this particular case it is about as serious as it gets.

But there is hope!

But Before that let me introduce you to Simon and Kamila Kelly. I first met Kamila back in 2001. Originally from Poland, she worked alongside me as a translator and fellow leader on a youth project. Then when Poland joined the EU she moved west for a life in England where she met Simon and before they knew it they were married and were blessed with three children, including twins. All three are now in their teens. Having one child at home is quite a life turning event but to have two at the same time is more than a handful.

To be honest I have only met Simon on  couple of occasions and I was always struck by his kindness, generosity and clear love for his family. It is he that's been diagnosed. He'd had an upset stomach and a routine blood test to try to fathom the cause and the worst of possible news came back which was later confirmed.

Simon is undergoing rigorous and aggressive treatment to fight the cancer and in the mean time a Go Fund Me has been set up to raise £20,000 to provide treatment to give him the best fighting chance he can have for himself, Kamila and their sons.

So what can we do and how can crypto help?

Starting yesterday I began a Fund Raiser on Noise Cash which will run until 31st October 2021.

Noise, if you are unfamiliar with it, is a kind of Twitter for Crypto apart from there is no character limitation on posting. Much of the discussion is crypto based, but not entirely. Likes are awarded in the form of hearts and based on Noise's discretion some of these hearts yield BCH. I don't know how their algorithm works, but there is a low tolerance of spam and pretty much most of the community recognise and never reward such spam anyway.

I have been on Noise since February and it is a fantastic community (and it didn't go down during the recent infamous Facebook outage) and what I am doing for the length of the fund raiser is the following.

I am posting once a day with the hashtag #fundsimonkelly and all rewards received on that post and any responses in the same thread will be collected together and sent to Simon's Fund Raiser in the first couple of days of November once all the figures have been collated.

So what can you do?

  • If you are not already a member of Noise please join up and get involved. You don't have to, but I would appreciate if you use my affiliate link which is You will need to set up or attach a wallet too, my funds go directly to Celsius
  • Join the community and get involved, there are various interest groups known and chambers and channels and start posting and hearting people's posts and as you do so Noise will reward both you and them in BCH.
  • Search for #fundsimonkelly and heart any posts that have been tagged. Please note on "renoises" only 80% will go to the fund because 20% goes to the renoiser. This is the way the algorithm is set up and please do not think any worse for the renoiser. Better 80% than nothing.

Having spoken with Kamila this morning I know that both she and Simon appreciate all of our efforts.

Finally whatever you are into, please send them a prayer or some positive thoughts in the quiet moments of your day.

I too appreciate it and let's see if our Noise can make a difference.



I am an experienced fund raiser and as such I understand the value of accountability. Once the transaction has been carried I will store and provide (in accordance with GDPR regulations) any and all data pertaining to the funds raised and how they were passed on to benefit Simon and contribute to his treatments

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