Covid and Brain Fog

By rah | rah | 7 Apr 2021

Having known a few people who have been suffering long covid / post covid fatigue I wrote the following response on Noise:Cash to explain some specific issues

Brain Fog occurs when the brain is less oxygenated - known as hypoxia which can be a side effect of covid. For those who are not sure about it let me share four experiences that I know of personally.


The first in the UK, a friend had it a year ago and was hosptialised but didn't need a ventilator. A couple of weeks ago he was supposed to drive four hours for something but he just couldn't physically do it even with breaks. This is a guy who pre-covid worked out in a gym every day and is 43/44 so in a relatively good health bracket

The second, is a girl aged 22 and what happened to her shocked me the most. We were doing our regular online training session and like I said she is normally a really good borderline C2 student (incidentally I teach English but also teach business through English - not Business English [I hate that because the material is always compromised] and I also do lifeskills and soft skills coaching). She has 90 minute sessions and on about 60 minutes she lost all coherence. She could only put together 3 or 4 words before a longish pause - 4-5 seconds - and she was struggling to find even the simplest of words and her thinking was chaotic - which is so unlike her. I literally watched her brain disintegrate in front of me. I offered to end the session but she didn't want to and after about 15 minutes she "came back" to me. Both losing her and her coming back was like flicking a switch.

The third wasn't so bad he just was a bit slow at speaking and his pronunciation wasn't very sharp but again as the session progressed he got better.

The fourth - just yesterday - stopped the session after just 15 minutes because he just couldn't concentrate and knowing him I saw he was struggling although not a dramatically as the girl I mentioned above.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are stay safe and healthy

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