BabyRah => Toddl-Rah => LittleRah

By rah | rah | 12 Apr 2023

Please allow the self-indulgence of this post :D

Today, 12th April, marks a very special day for us as a family. Our little one is now two. The time has flown by and to watch him develop and grow has just been so amazing (I am pretty sure that all parents say that).

On his first birthday he walked unaided for the very first time even though it was along the back of the sofa. He used no hands and balanced himself. I vividly remember being on the sofa with him and my father-in-law was there too. I asked if he had seen what had just happened. His smile said enough.

Now Toddl-Rah is a year older and while he is almost certainly too young to remember this birthday as he grows up, that extra year means that he is more able to appreciate his birthday for being a special day that is all about him.

For the last month or so he has started to move away from speaking baby to more fully formed words or at least very valiant attempts at saying them. For example thank you comes out as “Ta-oo”, but it is coming. He is bilingual by parentage and this means he is assimilating both languages at the same time and clearly understands both even though he has yet to master the speaking. This is true of both simple and more complex things we tell him.

He has of course mastered how to say “No” and that is a double edged sword!

There are so many exciting things going on for him at the moment and I expect within months we will be having more fully fledged conversations with him including the inevitable “Why” conversation.

The birds are in the trees – why?

Because the ground is cold – why?

Because it is winter – why?

Because of where the sun is in the sky – why?

Because it wants to share its warmth with the other side of the planet – why?

Because it is nice to share – why?

Because there are other people – why?

Because people love having babies – why?

And so on forever!!!

I would not change him for the world and so my very special P0x community I introduce you to the more grown up LittleRah (incidentally I suspect he is probably going to be taller than me as he gets older and so he will probably become BigRah and I will be demoted to LittleRah).

As always stay safe and well my friends.


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