A Personal Request from Me to You

By rah | rah | 3 May 2022

This is not the normal kind of post I write, but here goes.

I am appealing to the generosity of the community, after consulting with a number of people on Noise Cash who advised that I just ask and see what happens.

You don't get if you don't ask.

About three years ago I was walking and was stunned by such a pain that I literally couldn't walk any further. I somehow staggered to a nearby bus stop and while I waited for the bus the pain subsided enough for me to be able to get on a bus and get home.   Obviously, I went to check it out and I was found to have osteoarthritis in both hips and in particular the left hip. In layman's terms this means that what has happened is that the cartilage has completely gone from the "ball" part of the joint where it slots into the "socket" and there is extensive wear on the actual bone itself. Looking at the x-rays I would say that at least half an inch (1.25 cm) has simply gone. This means that on the socket-facing side the "ball" is actually concave (turns inward like a cave) rather than convex (turns outwards like a ball). It has worn unevenly which is an additional factor in pain as I am rubbing bone against bone whenever I walk - and some days, often weather dependent - it is worse.   Please see the image below - although in my case the bone erosion is far worse.   hip_illustrate   I have been living with it and managing it with painkillers since then. What has made it more challenging is that my wife and I had a baby boy about a year ago and as he has become increasingly mobile and active, I simply can't keep up. I am unable to go on the floor with him or do many of those things that fathers usually do.   I have also been told to walk no further than the beginning of pain, which limits me to about 40 minutes walking at any time - or 20 minutes there and back again.  

All of this means that effectively my son is missing out.

And furthermore it is not an understatement to say that I am unable to offer my wife the support she deserves.. Then about a week ago, I had a follow-up visit with a new specialist who informed me that my condition is operable without the necessity to have a full hip replacement. The only issue is that it is only available privately, hence the fundraiser.   What I would really appreciate is if anybody is able to help just a little.   Of course it will raise the quality of my life, but more importantly it will vastly improve the quality of the time I spend with my son and help me to be able to be more supportive of my wife.   If you wish to help please take time to have a look at my GoFundMe page -  

Many thanks

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