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By rafaelken1989 | rafaelken1989 | 13 Aug 2020

Before I show you how to get free XRP coins, I want to let you know, especially those new to cryptocurrency journey, that XRP coins are not MINED.

XRP is very different compared to Bitcoin which the latter is mined and the competition is high. Bitcoin also use a lot of electricity resulting to more global warming issues. Oops, I'm not a Bitcoin hater! :-) I just love the XRP which saves more electricity and saves the world ecosystem at least.

Let's continue. Ripple Labs company, the one who created this awesome token, already pre-created 100 Billion XRP at the beginning. XRP uses proof of burn method so it means every-time that there's a new XRP transactions anywhere in the world, there's always a part of XRP to be destroyed! BOOM! Feel scared with our XRP be gone forever? Don't be upset, it takes so many, many years for all the 100 Billion XRP to be totally wiped out on our planet. Jeez, we are all resting in peace (RIP) at that time! haha :-)

Right now, please refer to the image below, shows the current circulating supply of XRP. (I got the data on

XRP Supply

(XRP data stats from Binance last August 11, 2020)

Did I mentioned there are 100 Billion XRPs right? Yes. How come the circulating supplies are only 43.29 Billion XRPs? What the? Where's the rest?

Based on my research, Ripple Labs company locked the remaining XRPs on Escrow accounts. Boom! Also some portions of the XRPs are being held by their founders. But why? XRP at the beginning has no value 0. It's a way to compensate the creators at least with their awesome efforts to create this more awesome token. You know Jed McCaleb? He's one of the co-founders but he got kicked out. Too bad he has a lot of XRPs in his hands right now. I create another article about him. He's very cocky. I don't like him, I HATE HIM!

Okay here we go, without further ado. I show you a legit way to get small XRP coins instantly.

First thing's first. You just need a good XRP wallet from any  platforms like or or whichever you like. This is where we put those precious XRPs!

Here's the link of the website:

DROPZ Advertising

This website is basically an advertising platform that uses XRP to pay their members. Advertisers who want to promote their businesses or websites, videos, etc can can apply here! So that's the cycle. Simple, advertisers pay for their ads on this site, then members will watch them then get paid in XRP instantly.

These are the ways to earn from this site:

1. Through visiting ads.


The limit of DROPS here is 10,000. (1 DROP is the smallest unit of XRP. 1/1,000,000th of an XRP)

So you need to visit 34 ads to get 10,200 DROPS = 0.0102 XRP. You receive your free XRP instantly to your XRP wallet after some seconds. Awesome right? The interval to withdraw again is 5 minutes but you can keep viewing ads.

You can visit unlimited here as long as there ads to be viewed.

2. Through solving captcha.

Every 1 captcha solved here is worth 20 DROPS. Again, you can solve unlimited captchas for as long as you like. Plus your typing speed will be enhanced! :-) A good exercise for our fingers.

3. Daily DROPS Coupons.

Everyday the website is giving away free Coupons worth around 20,000 DROPS or 0.02 XRP. Just check out their official Facebook link every 6-8PM PH Time.

DROPZ Coupon

There are only a limited number of coupons to be redeemed so get as fast as you can before it runs out.

4. You can also get free DROPS on the offerwall.

DROPZ Offerwall

5. Also who can forget referral rewarding system. Yikes! :-)

DROPZ Referral System

The image says:

"Share your link to get a 10% referral commission. and you also get 200 Drops once referral Account is Activated."

"With our Referral Program you will also able to Earn more, from just inviting new Advertisers.
You will get Commission 10% from the budget of your invited Advertiser"

So very self-explanatory.

In this video, I show you how fast we can get paid via XRP transaction:

Fast right? Just few seconds 0.000574 XRP went to my wallet.

Though the earnings here is incredibly small but it's super legit! Like the famous Golden State Warrior's banner "strength in numbers." Just keep accumulating small XRP coins and in the long run there will be a lot of them!

Remember that XRP price can go higher anytime.

So that's it, I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Happy XRP earnings!

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