What's Mine, Is Yours

What's Mine, Is Yours

By SnowWhite | Rae's Intro | 8 Dec 2019

What's mine, is even called yours 

With every single breath I take

Leads to all the choices I make
This is probably gonna sound crazy

All my past pain has been washed away in just a blink of an eye 

My dear, don’t you get it yet?

You saved me and in return I give all of me

What’s mine

Is even called yours

Let's take these rings

Take our vows
Here’s to forever

Until even after death

You’re my soul-mate


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25. Mother, writer and trying to express myself the only way I know how

Rae's Intro
Rae's Intro

I've gone by many things Resalynn or Resa, Rae, Lil.Bit.Rae, SnowWhite, or even Nyx at times I write on love, heartbreak, addiction or any personal issue I've gotten by to give someone out there a ray of hope knowing they aren't alone in this thing we call life.

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