Consuming Thoughts

Consuming Thoughts

By SnowWhite | Rae's Intro | 5 Nov 2019


My mind needs to stop.

My reality needs some sort of change.

Screaming on the inside,

Silence on the outside.

With the devil on my shoulder telling me, he misses the old me,

But that can't be an option.

Not with the progress I've made already

Yet every time I get closer it's there, scratching at the surface.

Consuming my every thought.

It's overwhelming my recovery,

Yet regardless of the fact that I have to keep moving forward.

My mind keeps screaming..

Cut a little deeper, bleed a bit more.

Grab a bag n shoot that shit up.

"Just come out & play, it's only for the day"

I hate this monster I've created

But I can't stop now,

There is no turning back.

Not to that life..


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25. Mother, writer and trying to express myself the only way I know how

Rae's Intro
Rae's Intro

I've gone by many things Resalynn or Resa, Rae, Lil.Bit.Rae, SnowWhite, or even Nyx at times I write on love, heartbreak, addiction or any personal issue I've gotten by to give someone out there a ray of hope knowing they aren't alone in this thing we call life.

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