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Radix Island, One Among Many

Today's post is a guest article by Peachy, a well known long time Radix activist who currently lives in Puerto Rico. This article was originally posted to the RadixDLT discord and is used with permission.

An island is no fun if there is no way to visit other places.

We(Radix) are another island in a sea of crypto Layer1 projects. Existing islands like:
- BTC land
- ETH isle
- Polkdot Archipelago (since it has tons of side(para) chains)
- Near Atoll
and more. Each of these Layer1 islands is trying to create their own financial infrastructure in the form of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Currently, the vast majority of activity where everyone is hanging out doing their banking is on ETH Isle. Sadly the roads, internet and electrical infrastructure of ETH Isle would make Puerto Rico look like a 25th century mecca by comparison The speed limit established by their solution only allows you to drive 15 mph (tps). As such, its darn near impossible to get anything done. And when everyone wants to get it done at the same time the gas cost goes through the roof and your sadly just sitting in traffic idling away.

What we are doing on Radix Island is building an advanced island infrastructure system with next-next-generation fiber optics and roadways powered by an endless supply of clean fusion energy. All the DeFi built on our island will be as efficient as humanly possible. In addition, the brick-and-mortar building supplies (i.e. Radix Components) needed for constructing those DeFi buildings are packaged as safety-certified and ready for immediate plug-n-play utility. This concept is similar to how a prefab(modular) home can be assembled on your property in days vs. the months required (and inspections/audits, .etc) if you go the normal (e.g. Solidity) construction method.

On Radix Island, however, we realized we needed a way for tourists of other islands to not only come over here and visit, but also bring their wealth with them. That's the idea for needing services like Copper and Ren. They allow you to lock up your funds on ETH Isle (or whatever island you are on) and claim an IOU over here at the Radix sanctuary.

Once here, many might decide to live here permanently.

(Photo by Zachary DeBottis from Pexels)

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