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Get Paid in Radix $XRD for Coding with Scrypto - Complete Step by Step Instructions

The Radix team announced a developer incentive program that pays you in XRD for trying Scrypto. You can make up to $100 in XRD for making any non-trivial example and up to $1000 in XRD for each example that you submit that is judged as good enough to be included in the Radix main repo example area. The slide announcing this program is shown just below. Below that I will take you step by step through the entire process.

  • Radix Scrypto Collaboration
  • Step 1) Set up a GitHub account
    • A free account is fine. 2FA is optional but recommended
  • Step 2) Set up a Radix wallet on your desktop
    • Use this link for download links and getting started instructions.
  • Step 3) Visit the Radix Developer Program
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and signup using your github account.
    • The first 500 people who signup earn $25 worth of XRD.
  • Step 4) Join the RadixDLT Discord and monitor the #scrypto channel.
  • Step 5) Visit the Radix DLT GitHub page
  • Step 6) Install the Radix Scrypto Development Environment
    • Open the radixdlt-scrypto repository which is found on the Radix DLT github page
    • Install the repo on your local development computer using whichever techique you prefer. I used:
  • Step 7) Fork the community-scrypto repository
    • Open the community-scrypto repository which is found on the Radix DLT github page
    • Fork this repository to your own github area. (select the "Fork" button and go from there.)
  • Step 8) Install the fork on your local computer
  • Step 9) Think if a unique name for your example and make a new package
    • cd community-scrypto/toys
    • scrypto new-package my-unique-name
    • cd my-unique-name
    • resim reset
  • Step 10) Edit and test the HelloToken example
    • The Hello blueprint installed in src/ creates a token and works as is. Try it out.
    • Now modify the name of the blueprint and edit and add code to make it your own work.
    • Visit the Rust & Scrypto Forum on discord if you need help.
    • You can get inspiration from the other examples in the community-scrypto repo and the examples in the radixdlt-scrypto repo.
  • Step 11) Check in your changes
    • cd ..
    • git add my-unique-name
    • git commit -a -m "a comment describing this first commit"
    • git push origin main
  • Step 12) Make the pull request
    • On the github page for your fork select "create pull request"
    • Complete the forms and submit the pull request.

That's it! If your example is deemed non-trivial then you get $75 in XRD.

If by performing this exercise you got the Radix Scrypto bug, then definitely go for the $1000 per example that is being offered by the Radix team. Whether or not you earn extra money for your example, some member of the Radix Programmer's Guild may decide that you deserve an invitation to our group where part-time and full-time members are working together to build real world projects with real rewards.

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

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I am a software developer (among other things) that is focused on the Radix Network. I run a free discord for programmers who want to study Rust and/or Scrypto. I also run the Radix Programmer's Guild.

Radix Programmer's Guild
Radix Programmer's Guild

The Radix Programmer's Guild is a member-directed community of designers and developers who are building core infrastructure and tooling for developers of financial services using the Radix protocol. We also provide custom development, design, review, testing and auditing services.

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