Spring Perfumes

By Rachabel | Racha | 22 Feb 2023



Waking up at the ring out bells of dawn
I hear birds chirping early in the morning 
Announcing the tweets of the upcoming spring
My garden Flowers  bloom
Answering the call of the close season


Winter is about to end its cold evening
Life seems to regain its coloring
Instead of the dark clouds, thunder and lightning


Say hello to transitional in between season
Where the weather
Turns mildening
The environment converts into green
The animals end their  hibernation phase 
To emerge their living mechanisms
As well as humans start their cultivations

My heart gets high from the birdsong sweetness
My soul renews its freshness

Waking up at first sun beams
My ears grab the beautiful symphonies
Nature advokes its  whole entities
To draw magical landscapes

To spread its enchanting perfumes


I get jealous of bees 

They are free to move between flowers 

To sip the tasteful nectarous

I am eager to smell  assorted pollens 

But my wish is hopeless 

Due to my bamming allergies 

Spring spell has such an influence 

On our life, senses and moods 


Spring is never seen as a regular period

For it stirs our attention and heed 

It engenders sensational feelings
Inspires poets to compose sonnets


Waking up at the ring of spring bells

Brain thoughts run in flows

Like the river when it floods 

My poem contains simple expressions

Cause' my feather can't find the appropriate words 



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