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Never Strain Yourself

By Rachabel | Racha | 13 Mar 2023



It will fade away, don't worry
Between tomorrow and yesterday time flee 
The world balances are proven unsteady
Everything passes, the best and the worst anyway
All your agonies are just temporary
They are meant to teach you a lesson or homily


All the circumstances are conspiring to create a defy
Life is an exhausting challenge but worthy

Existence itself is skittery


It will fade away don't worry

All your headaches will vanish leaving you strengthy
Time is a good teacher to set you ready
To lead your daily battle like a mercenary
To stiffen your heart before any misery


Today maybe the darkest moment ever
Yet, At the next dawn, you will step into a new scenery
As well as life is ephemeral
Your ordeals are also flickery

Don't worry or live frowny
All this is just destiny's ordinary 
Your torments will soon fly
Remember always that nothing remains stationary


Never strain yourself 
Just keep trusty

It will fade away don't worry


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I am a graduate from university, love reading, writing and translation. I love books and everything related to knowledge.


Interested in writing, reading, translation, nature, poetry, humanity, life philosophy.

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