By Rachabel | Racha | 8 Feb 2023



There are two types of superpowers that  shake the earth
Big ideas and huge earthquakes
The earth's revolt was so epic
It began with a swift collapse and shake 
Myriads of lives were at stake
Humans spread as if they were under a military attack

Bodies unshrouded were buried under debris
Newborns came to life with griefs
Losing their moms before being used to their smells
Parents turned childless in a blink of eyes
Orphans would dwell most homes 

The whole world seems


Syrian and Turkish geography look catastrophic

While other countries still under predictable seismic
All the world is called to rush headlong for an aid so quick
Day and night the news broadcast didn't take a break
Dreadful pictures of deformed corpses so terrific
Screams resounded in space out of panic
Souls tormented on the brink of demise and rack 

My lord, have mercy on your faithful worshippers
How could we close our eyes and sleep in peace While our brothers buried alive under the rubbles


How harsh the fate is on some humans
So frightful to imagine one of your dears being in  such case
The earth's anger was so immense
It did spare neither women nor men or babies 
Tears hang over dust by sorrows

Never trust time or days
Life shows its dark face some times
We must be always ready to embrace pains 
Don't get used to your comfort zones
Our living swings between ups and downs



There are two types of superpowers that  shake the earth
Big ideas and huge earthquakes 

While we are drown in our thoughts 

The pillars of the world sound to lose balance 


Reconciliate with your families my fellows 

For death is unwanted visiter behind doors 

You never know when it would grab one of yours







Please take a minute to rip all the victims


Thanks for taking time to read. 

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