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Vitalik Buterin sends 100 ETH to help disaster victims. I helped, you also can.

A terrible event happened on February 6th in Turkey and Syria, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and aftershock destroyed tens of thousands of homes, leaving at least 13 million people without housing and what's worse, took life of tens of thousands of people. At this point I wanted to say I hope and will do everything what's in my reach to somehow help our Turkish brothers. I have never been affected by such event, and I hope I never will. 

Vitalik Buterin sends 100 ETH ~ which is approximately 150.000 USD to Ahbap foundation which you can find here.


Etherscan sources here and here.

You can donate to relief fund to help disaster victims here.

All the crypto addresses can be found here.

Ahpab have already collected 4,261,433 dollars at the time of writing but I assure you, it is not enough to help all the victims.


Official ethereum address of Ahbap Platform is:


At the time of writing the article, I myself sent small but I hope useful help.


I post the screens of transaction confirmation on binance, and the transaction hash to encourage you to follow my steps. 

No one knows when a disaster may struck, we can only help at times like this and pray for a better tommorow.

Im with you Turkish Brothers.

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