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DJED is live!


What happened?


Great News for Cardano. Djed, Cardano algorithmic stable coin I wrote about in this article, have been released.

Around 5 hours from when I wrote this article, Djed and Shen were successfully released and are fully operational.

You can provide liquidity and swap your Djed for Cardano, Shen and vice versa on Wingriders and Minswap which are Cardano DEX'es.

You can also trade Shen and Djed on Bitrue which will list Shen and Djed trading pairs at 10:00 UTC, tommorow.

If you want to mint your own Shen or Djed you can do it here.


Why is it important?


Release of Djed and its backing coin Shen is a great accomplishment for COTI and Cardano community. Djed is first Cardano based algorithmic stablecoin.




None of information in this article should be considered a financial advice, it's my own analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.

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