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Will DeFi Blockchain Save BTC ?

I am often accused of making empty claims about lack of DeFi on BTC blockchain killing Bitcoin.

But I do mean it. Or, more accurately - I did mean it.

Because for a time now I have been watching progress of DeFi Blockchain that makes kind of promises. Promises that I do not understand, but I understand that others do.

The DeFi Blockchain marries the best of Proof-of-Stake, with the security and immutability of Bitcoin.

I mean: this would be most cool and something very desirable. Something that could save BTC and give us a wider market with more trading, coding, and investing option.

But will it happen? And is it not too late?

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Sergei Nemetz
Sergei Nemetz

I am a professional trader and a licensed stock broker. I retired early to travel and follow my burning passions. When my travels and passions burned big holes in my pockets, I returned to trading. Today I trade mostly gold and digital pseudo assets.


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