Why you SHOULD NOT withdraw from Publish0x every week!

By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 9 Feb 2021


Cryptos are getting crazy these days! Their value is increasing almost everyday! These are the good days for the HODLERS right?

But, not this increase in value is not happening only for the coins we are holding but also for the fees we will pay when tranferring them.

When I joined Publish0x a few months back I did the very same mistake as well! I withdrew every week. Compounding my coins somewhere else is just like the same thing of compounding them here! 

Why? You might ask!

Most of exchanges (if you are thinking to exchange them into something else) have minimum trade limits but even if it was possible  trust me exchanging 1$ value of crypto would give you less than that when you apply the fees!

So why even bother?...

I blew a few of Ethereums in some of exchanges and I learned my lesson. That didn't profit me and let alone Publish0x that pays for the transfer fees.

Compounding them here is just as safe as if you send them somewhere else maybe safer. 

Publish0x is way too big to just disappear for a few coins of yours or mine! So that's the first thing you got to keep in mind when you start doubting if it is safer here or somewhere else.

If you are new here!

You will possibly want to know if this platform does really pay you!

Yes! It does!

But in order for them to be able to pay you, you got to compound your coins and make it worth to pay the damn transfer fees.

It's your coins and you can do whatever you want with them. But, I'd suggest you to look the other side. This is a community which is growing bigger and stronger, that is contributing to crypto world, crypto lovers and authors to have a free speech and get rewarded for that! 

Think of this article more as a moral speech! 

Something that you really should take into consideration the next time you click on the withdraw button. 

2$ worth of crypto here will look just the same as if it was in another wallet. Make it a habit to withdraw once in a month...publishing and tipping for a month would make the transfer fees be worth it.


Will you next time think before you withdraw small amounts?!



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