What is Bamboo DeFi and how to get your Tokens

By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 18 Dec 2020

What is Bamboo DeFi?

Nexxyo Labs launched a ERC-20 project called BambooDeFi which aims to make it's users independent from banks and their services!

Nexxyp is a Spanish company which their main work is developing financial applications but they don't stop here, they also are experts in video game development, business application and so on. This means, these guys are good at what they do and they know their game.

What is all about?

What they further want to do with the BambooDeFi is a special card that you can use to spend your Bamboos just as you use your Credit Card. Pretty nice and very practical if you ask me! Even though many other companies are doing something like this, we got to wait and see what Bamboo can do. 

The amazing thing about it's DeFi is that they work with third parties that encrypt all users private data. Transactions are known only to you and the one who you are sending/receiving and there is no one else to check it or block your account! 

Pretty darn good!

Now that I got your attention, you are possibly thinking how can I get involved!

How to get your own Tokens?

We all love Christmas and we can't wait to open the presents we got! BambooDeFi is starting off the first day of Christmas and you can get it first on Initial Exchange on Chainx. You have to connect you wallet with them, which can either be Trust Wallet, Metamask, or WalletConnect.

What about the prices?

We all want to know about how much cookies is going to cost us! I got you covered:

It is going to be released in three stages:

  • From 25th of December to 5th of January – when you can find the Bamboo token at €0.30;
  • From 6  to 16th  of January – when you can find the Bamboo token at €0.40;
  • From 17 to 30th of January – when you can find the Bamboo token at €0.50.

But, no matter what phase you are going to buy it, it won't exceed 1 euro. 


Let me know if you gonna get any! 



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